Slightly older scout Logan finds a tree to fuck hot young Cole against

Cole is by far the most popular boy in the troop. He’s also the tallest and definitely the most handsome. I just start to melt when I get anywhere near him. For the longest time, he barely seemed to notice me. Then recently, he used my name for the first time and asked me to go on a hike – just the two of us! It was a beautiful morning when we set off. The sun was glinting in his hair and I genuinely wondered if I was the happiest person on the planet. We walked for miles, talking all the time. After a few hours, my back started itching like crazy. I could sense that some sort of insect had crawled underneath my shirt, but couldn’t flick it away while my backpack was on. We stopped and Cole helped me take the backpack off before he pulled my shirt out of my shorts in an attempt to find the now-invisible critter. Then my shirt had to come off! And the next thing I knew, he was rubbing his giant hands all over my body and I was getting all light-headed. I don’t even remember how it started, but the next thing I knew, we were making out and he was thrusting himself into my back and telling me I had to keep quiet. Before I’d had a chance to speak or even gasp, he was silencing my mouth with his lips! He took his backpack off and unrolled a ground mat and I started to run my trembling hands all over the enormous bulge in his pants, which turned out to be much bigger than I could have expected. I dropped to my knees and started to service his beautiful member with my mouth. I worked real hard to get as much of it in there as possible, continually having to pinch myself. I was astonished to think that just a few months ago Cole hadn’t even known my name, but now I was sucking his cock! Then his demeanor suddenly changed. He went a little serious before getting quite dominant with me. He pushed me hard against a tree and started thrusting his big dick into my back. I didn’t know what to expect. He tore my shorts down and then my underwear before sinking to his knees and using that big, rough tongue of his to open up my tight hole. The sensation was spine-tinglingly amazing, but I was worried. I’d only ever taken one dick up there before, and it was nothing like the size of Cole’s. The only thing I was sure about, though, was that I was desperate to find out how it felt! Cole stood up, looked around him to check no one was about and then literally sank his giant monster into me. The sensation instantly made me feel all shivery. It was about as intense as anything I’ve ever experienced. It felt like he was tearing me in half and the further he pushed his way into me the more I felt like my internal organs were being shoved aside to make room for him! All I could do was make these really weird whimpering sounds as the pace and intensity of his strokes built up and every fiber of my being was engulfed by a feeling of absolute horniness. It was like my body had become nothing but a vessel for his complete pleasure. He got harder and faster and deeper and faster and harder and then, suddenly, pulled out. I could feel the epic streams of semen splatting onto my ass cheek and slowly sliding down my thigh. It must have been some crazy kind of firework display!