Bald beefy daddy rides scout boy’s dick in camping tent

I was pretty excited when Scoutmaster Knox suggested we hike out into the woods. Just the two of us. It was even more exciting when he announced we’d be pitching a tent and staying the night out there.

I was a little scared as well. Those woods are probably full of bears and it gets real cold around here at night, but I knew Mr. Knox would keep me safe and warm. I mean, why worry about bears when you have your own daddy bear to look after you! 

Knox is my favourite Scoutmaster. He’s always been really kind to me. I was homesick to begin with and he’d always check in on me before lights out to make sure I was okay. Sometimes he gives me a little cuddle. I like it when he does that. His arms always feel so strong!

We hiked for what seemed an eternity. We must have walked for five hours solid, through endless pine trees. I was holding a map, but managed to get lost within minutes! Thank God Scoutmaster Knox was there. 

We pitched our tent by a lake. Knox said he didn’t think we’d be too troubled by mosquitoes on account of it being so cold. The temperatures were certainly dropping all the time and I started to worry that we were gonna freeze to death, but he showed me how to turn our sleeping bags into one giant sleeping bag. He said we’d be able to keep each other warm much more effectively if we did that.  

I was a little worried about the idea of sharing a sleeping bag with him. Sometimes when he puts his arms around me, I feel my penis getting a little hard, and I was scared I was going to embarrass myself and that he’d be angry. At the same time, I couldn’t help feeling a little excited at the idea of spending a night with those big arms wrapped around me! 

He told us we needed to get undressed and I felt really shy all of a sudden. I kept looking over at him, and every time he looked back, I could feel my face going bright red. I stripped down to my boxers and socks, and he did the same, but kept his T-shirt on. I was suddenly really worried that I’d taken too many clothes off, so I got into the sleeping bag as soon as I could, and turned my back to him because I could feel myself getting a little stiff. 

He got into the sleeping bag himself and pulled himself into my back, real close. It actually started to feel a little strange. Every part of him was touching me. His legs were pushed up against the back of mine, I could feel his waist against my bottom and his chest was pressed against my back. I was relieved I wasn’t facing him because he’d have seen me blushing a lot!

I was quite surprised when he started running his hands over my shoulders. I assumed he was trying to make me warm, but it felt a little, I dunno, sexy maybe. Then it suddenly got real intense. His hands were all over me, running down my stomach, and I could feel that he was kissing my neck. I wasn’t sure what to do. I sort of froze. But I was getting harder and harder. And I could feel the same was happening to him. 

I started to gasp. I couldn’t help it. Every inch of him was wrapped around me and his hands were exploring parts of my body I had no idea could ever feel that good. I could sense his heavy breath on my neck and feel his beard prickling against the soft skin. The sensation was amazing. Scoutmaster Knox is a real man and I realized he was actually taking pleasure from me. I suddenly felt very grown up. 

He pushed me onto my back and started to nuzzle my chest. He pulled the sleeping bag aside and looked down at my boxers. I followed his eyes and noticed my penis was really swollen and that it had pushed its way out of the fly. I felt a pang of anxiety again. I don’t think I have ever been so hard and I thought he might think there was something wrong with me. 

He kissed up my body and then I felt his lips pressing against mine. His rough stubble felt like sandpaper on my cheek. He pushed the sleeping bag away entirely. I could feel the coldness of the air on my body, but he was really warm. He took his T-shirt off. His body was smoother than I’d expected, but he was really built. I couldn’t believe how hungry he seemed to be for me. 

He climbed back onto me, grabbed my neck, pulled me into him and we started kissing again. And I mean proper kissing. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and was grinding his whole body against mine as we made out. My head was spinning. I was experiencing all these sensations which felt really wrong somehow, but were so intense I couldn’t ignore them.

He pulled my boxers off and instantly started to suck me. And let me tell you, I have never felt anything like that in my whole life before. It was like he was tickling the end of my dick with his tongue, but then I’d feel his mouth sinking down onto my shaft and he was sucking it, almost like he was trying to make it longer. I started to feel this really strange emotion. It was like I wanted him somehow. Maybe I needed him. Does that sound weird?

He pushed himself up my body again. Dirty thoughts started rushing through my head. I kept looking down at my dick and thinking I wanted to shove it, real hard into something. 

He took his boxers off. The first thing I noticed were his giant thighs. His thighs were almost as wide as my torso. They really turned me on. My mouth instantly filled with water. He pushed himself on top of me again and we kissed real hard, wet and deep. As we kissed, he angled himself slightly, and started grinding into me so that my rock hard dick was running up and down the crack between his ass cheeks. I could feel he was thrusting his dick against my stomach.

Every so often my dick would push against his actual hole and man, I wanted to shove myself right up there as hard as it could go. I could feel liquid rolling out of the hole in the head of my dick. I guess that’s what pre-cum feels like. It doesn’t happen like that when I jerk, but then again, this whole situation was wildly different to anything I’d experienced before. 

Seconds later I could feel the tip of my cock entering him. He was moving his body in a way which made it inevitable that I’d sink further into him. I don’t know how to describe it. His ass felt hungry, like it was trying to eat my dick!!

And then suddenly it was happening. I was deep inside and he was riding me, rocking backwards and forwards on my giant dick. I was actually fucking. I was actually fucking that manly, sexy, sweaty Scoutleader of mine… and I wanted more. 

He seemed to be having a pretty good time himself, judging by the noises he was making and the contorted looks of intense pleasure on his face. I gritted my teeth. I wanted to fuck him harder and deeper. His hole was mine and I was gonna shoot my juices right up there. Right into his guts. Right into his manly, fucking guts. 

He got on his back and I sat behind him, ramming my cock into his juicy hole, my ass slipping against the sleeping bag fabric with every thrust. I pulled out, got on my knees and banged him harder than ever. I was gonna make him my bitch. I was gonna bang load after load into him. He started moaning and yelling. That just made me wanna go harder. I grabbed his tree-trunk legs and went like a jackhammer. 

I got him on his front and slammed him from behind. I had no idea I could thrust that hard and fast. I had no idea what to do with my hands so put them on my hips for added thrust. 

Then I got on top of him like I was doing push ups. I was fucking so hard I could hear myself grunting, actively willing myself to top the intensity and power of the last thrust. It was insane. He was just screaming and gasping for breath. 

I got him on his back so I could look at his face struggling to take me. I kissed him and fucked deeper, then got him on his front again, because it turned out that was the way I could do him with the most force. I wanted him. I wanted to breed him. I wanted to blast my sticky man juice deep into him. I wanted to destroy him. 

I pulled out and sprayed like a fire hydrant onto his chest. The juices flew out of my shaft and even managed to reach his face and eyes. 

I shoved myself back into him. My dick just wouldn’t go down. We had the whole night. By the morning he’d be mine.