Daddy’s Dick: A Taboo Love Story of Size and Submission

The crazy adventures started the moment I joined the Elite Scouts. I had no idea that life could be this much fun or, frankly, that my body could generate so much pleasure. And not just for me, but for others too. It hadn’t occurred to me that I was gay and I certainly could never have predicted how into older dudes I’d get. There’s something really special about older men. They look great, they know what they’re about and, most crucially, they know exactly how to please. Thankfully, I’m surrounded, pretty much 24-7, by sexy Scoutmasters, and, better still, I’ve not yet come across one I couldn’t seduce! Most Scouts would have been horrified to find out that their Dad had been invited to join their group as a Scoutmaster. Talk about cramping your style! Things have always been a bit different in our household, however. Many would describe the relationship I have with my father as odd. If they knew the truth, they’d probably be horrified. But it works for us. As I say, I love older men, and my dad is the very definition of a DILF! Our first trip out into the wilds together was predictably kinky. We basically started making out the moment we’d set up my tent. There was something obscenely dirty about the idea of fooling around with him while the others were getting settled in. If I’m honest, I think we were both turned on a little by the idea of getting caught. The rational sides of our brains, of course, knew that being found out would have caused untold problems, but sexual urges are powerful things. Within seconds of our being alone, I was unzipping his jeans and getting my lips around his beautiful, sweet-smelling dick. I knew he’d been hard all day and the whole of the front of his underpants were covered in a crusty layer of pre-cum. The poor guy certainly needed a bit of attention. In the olden days I had no clue what I was doing and Dad was plainly having big issues with what was going on. As the time went by, however, and we both started to relax, we began to get a grasp of things—a sense of what the other wanted. And when I started to fool around with other older men, I learned all sorts of new tricks which I got to try out on him. Of course, I never let on that I was playing around, but he certainly benefited from it. So, there we were, in the tent, throwing caution to the wind, tent flaps wide open for anyone who walked past to see inside, going at it like a pair of sex-crazed addicts. His dick really is the best dick I know. It curves upwards and is always absolutely rock-solid. I love sucking on it. My tongue recognizes every vein, and over the years I’ve learned how to get it all the way down my throat. It sends him wild. He loves to hold the back of my head until I choke and gag. He tore off my shirt and started to suck my nipples. It’s one of his trademark moves. It feels amazing—probably because it also feels a little subversive. He likes to strip me naked and have me on all fours in front of him. When he kneels up, I always feel so small. I’ve long since given up on any thoughts that I might end up anything near as tall as him. I’m plainly destined to take after the other side of my family! Still, I like that there’s so much difference in our heights. I think all sons secretly want to be protected by their dads, no matter how old their father’s get. I could feel him slowly peeling down my underpants, plainly savoring every moment as he pulled my ass cheeks apart and exposed my hole. He loves to push his tongue in there, always telling me how beautiful I am as he gets me ready for his dick. He never rushes me. He always takes his time; tickling me, tonguing me, tantalizing me until I’m wide open and desperate for his dick. And then, when we both know the time has come, I feel his giant mushroom head pushing into me. I’m always surprised by how big and how hard he is, and there’s always a split second where I panic and wonder if I’ll be able to take him, but then my body sort of relaxes and I feel this all-encompassing sense of relief. Relief that he’s inside me again. Relief that my daddy’s dick is back exactly where it belongs. He knows just how I want it. My entire body starts to shiver as I try to grip with every muscle in my butt. Then he starts to penetrate and pump me—in and out, in and out, harder and faster, deeper and with more urgency, grabbing my face and pushing his giant hand over my mouth to muffle the sounds of ecstasy pouring uncontrollably from me. I could feel the knot on his neckerchief pushing against my shoulder. The thought that we were making love, still semi-clad in our Scout uniforms was a hugely exciting one. He kept whispering in my ear, telling me I felt so good. It was all I could do to stop myself from screaming that I loved him. He pulled out and rolled me onto my back, pushing my legs up, and staring into my eyes with a look of pure lust as he pushed his rock-hard cock back into me again. I don’t think anything has ever felt so intense. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. He was smiling gently. The summer breeze rippled through the tent, carrying with it a sweet pine smell and the sound of birds. I felt truly happy. Happy to be his boy in every wonderful way. I felt protected and truly loved. It was overwhelming. His dick seemed to be right inside my stomach. It was almost certainly inside me deeper than it’s ever been before… way inside the second chamber. He got me on all fours again and started doing me from behind. I rocked my body forwards and backwards and felt his dick sliding in and out of me, then he really took the reins again and started to power-pound me. My entire body shook helplessly. I wanted him. I wanted my dad so hard. He started fiddling with his big daddy nipples and I felt his dick got even harder. I knew at that stage that it wasn’t going to be long—and sure enough, almost as the thought was forming in my head, he pulled out, jerked himself real fast, and then started spraying all over my crack. He pushed himself back into me so that our DNA would combine and then it was all over. Reality rushed in, and we were racing about to get our clothes back on before anyone caught us, revealing our sordid secret.