Scoutmaster wolf uses his big dick to make sure Yong scout Nathan pledges

I knew Nathan would be excited about joining the Elite Scouts. He’d shown great promise and steely determination ever since joining the movement and this particular accolade was the prize he’d clearly always had his eye on. I like to stay fairly aloof when it comes to the boys in my troop. I pride myself on being a firm-yet-fair type of Scoutmaster. If you’re too happy-go-lucky with the boys, they don’t respect you and never learn that hard-worked-for praise is worth its weight in gold. As a result of this, I always sensed that Nathan was a little wary of me. He would always get tongue-tied and nervous in my presence, which was something I found adorable. I brought him into the office and made him repeat the Elite Scout pledge. I knew at that moment that I was going to fuck him. I’ve always had a penchant for pint-sized cuties, and as he stood there, neat as a pin in his tight little uniform, flashing those innocent eyes at me, I knew he was truly a prize. I wasted no time whatsoever, standing up and running my giant hands over his timid body with an increasing level of intimacy. I cupped the bulge in his short pants and pulled him into me. He gasped and shook like a leaf, plainly experiencing sensations of both fear and deep excitement. I stood behind him and roughly undid the buttons of his shirt before unbuckling his belt and thrusting my hand down into his underpants. I spun him around and we started to kiss. He was putty in my hands. He knew that I was in control and that his task was merely to acquiesce while allowing his tiny, pert body to be explored and used. I got him on all fours on the desk so that I could examine him more fully, before encouraging him to work on my giant dick, which seemed to be about the same size as his delicate wrists. I pushed him over the table and made him arch his back and present his smooth, peachy ass to me. He did so with a sense of absolute duty, like the good boy I knew he’d be, but it suddenly crossed my mind that I might be about to shove my big cock into virgin territory. It certainly took a bit of coaxing and general sweet-talking to get it inside him… and he certainly wasn’t quiet as I began the process of penetration. Man, he was tight! Although the more he yelped and gasped, the harder I wanted to bang him! He eventually started to get used to it, pushing back on me and relaxing his internal muscles as I started pounding my bare cock into him with increasing speed. I pulled out and got him on his side on the table, which turned out to be exactly the right height for me to stand comfortably while banging him. It felt particularly intense doing it like that. The position enabled me to get real deep inside him and he squealed like a puppy. I pulled him onto his back and went real hard, gritting my teeth and slamming into him with immense force, knowing I was about to blast a huge load, deep into his tender guts. I exploded with surprising intensity. The orgasm caught me entirely off-guard. His ass had started to feel like it had been tailor-made for my profound pleasure and I came buckets into him.