Young teen boy scout Logan gets ass filled in by daddy scoutmaster

out. And when he was finally called-up to take a pledge of allegiance to this illustrious group, his heart almost burst with pride. He didn’t know Scoutmaster St. Michael, whom, he was told, would be overseeing the auspicious and apparently very private ceremony. St. Michael was new to the troop and Logan didn’t even know what he looked like. As the boy knocked on the office door, his heart started pounding with nerves. The Scoutmaster seemed a little aloof, but he was friendly enough. He was around 40, handsome and tanned with dirty blond hair. Because of his name, Logan had half-expected him to be French, but he spoke with a southern drawl, which the boy rather liked. Logan took a deep breath. His nerves were replaced by a sense of excitement. His childhood ambition was about to be realized… St. Michael opened a blue velvet box and removed a pin which he somewhat fumblingly attached to the shirt collar on the boy’s uniform. The Scoutmaster then took a second pin, which he attached to the other collar, and then another, which he pinned to the boy’s breast pocket. Logan was suddenly aware of the significance of the moment. It almost felt like a baptism into manhood. He felt ten feet tall. St. Michael stood incredibly close to Logan to pin the badges onto him. The moment felt very intimate. St. Michael caught Logan’s eye and blushed noticeably. The Scoutmaster then stepped back to admire his handiwork before attempting to smooth out a crease in the boy’s shirt, his hand slowly running up and down Logan’s chest in a gesture which could have been interpreted as a sexual overture. Logan wasn’t sure what to think, but he liked the sensation of the Scoutmaster’s hands pressing against his body. St. Michael sat down on a chair and told the boy to come and stand between his open legs. Logan was confused and a little embarrassed by the request, but he did as he was told, not quite knowing where to look or what to do when the Scoutmaster stared wantonly into his eyes and began clumsily touching him in increasingly intimate places. Logan relaxed. He felt his hands reaching towards the Scoutmaster’s chest and absentmindedly fondling his erect nipples through his shirt. A look of seriousness shot across St. Michael’s face. He was plainly overcome with excitement, but simultaneously grappling with guilt… The Scoutmaster suddenly pushed his hand into Logan’s crotch and started fondling the boy’s rock hard penis. The sensation scared Logan. No one had ever touched him like that before and he’d certainly never entertained the notion of being sexually attracted to another man. Besides, what would happen if someone suddenly walked into the office? Would he be thrown out of the scouts? St. Michael stood up and Logan dared to look down at his crotch for the first time. He could see the Scoutmaster’s dick very obviously bulging in his uniform trousers. The sight made him freeze with fear… Logan suddenly became aware of the Scoutmaster’s lips lunging towards him. And a couple of seconds later, they were kissing. Logan didn’t really know what to do. He’d seen people kissing in films but had never done anything of the sort in reality. He simply tried to copy what St. Michael was doing. The moment was as uncomfortable as it was hot. St. Michael stood behind Logan and undid his belt before pushing his shorts to the ground, kissing the boy’s neck hungrily while groping his dick through his underpants. Logan felt his legs giving way. The sensation was like nothing he’d ever experienced. His dick was so hard that he genuinely thought it was going to explode. St. Michael then unzipped Logan’s shirt, running his large hands lustfully over the boy’s slim, smooth chest. He wanted Logan so badly. His dick was pummeling precum into his uniform pants, desperate to get inside the boy’s virgin ass. He lowered Logan’s underpants and at last the smooth, skinny scout was naked but for his cap and neckerchief. Logan genuinely had no idea what to expect next. He could feel his heart pounding with a mixture of excitement and terror. He loved everything that was happening to him, but the look of wild desperation on the Scoutmaster’s face scared him a little. St. Michael knelt down in front of the boy and started to suck his dick. The sensation was so intense. Logan had to fight hard to stop himself from shooting on the spot. St. Michael turned the boy around and pushed one of his legs onto the table so that his tight little ass was beautifully presented. The Scoutmaster then dropped to his knees again, hungrily licking and fingering the boy’s hole until Logan found himself gasping with mind-blowing pleasure and anticipation. He somehow knew that the Scoutmaster was preparing him for sex, but didn’t know how it was going to feel. What he did know was that he liked what the older man was doing to him – a lot. It made him feel desired, subservient, and keen to please… St. Michael stood and hastily unbuckled his belt and lowered his pants and underpants, unzipping his shirt at the same time to expose a neatly-cropped, hairy chest. His bulging dick was large and rock hard, so hard in fact that it was curving upwards. He stood behind the boy and lined his cock up with Logan’s tiny hole before driving it inside. Logan was in a trance-like state, so didn’t tense up when the scoutmaster penetrated him. St. Michael was surprised that he’d managed to enter the boy without the first-timer wincing or tightening, but Logan was in a state of pure ecstasy so he slid in relatively easily. The older man loved the sensation of the young boy’s tight ass wrapped firmly around his big, daddy dick. He instantly started to grind himself into Logan’s tiny body, going deeper and harder with every decadent, outrageous stroke. St. Michael was soon gritting his teeth and really getting stuck in, brutalizing the panting boy to fully satisfy every one of his sleazy sexual impulses while the darts of precum flew from his dick and lined the boy’s guts with extra lubrication. The Scoutmaster pulled out and pushed Logan onto his back, staring into the boy’s innocent eyes determinedly as he upped the pace and ferocity of his strokes, beads of sweat now pouring down his face and landing on the boy’s hairless belly. St. Michael let out a low, satisfied grunt as he felt the first waves of cum rising in his balls. He knew he needed to shoot inside Logan. He wanted to brand the boy; take ownership of him. He came hard and deep, so far inside Logan that he thought the load might never trickle back out again.