Scoutmaster’s Secret: A Forbidden Encounter in the Woods

Scoutmaster Banner and young Scout Zack definitely had some sort of something going on. Neither could look at the other without blushing. It was impossible not to notice— and, I’ve got to say, it was a little embarrassing. We all know that stuff happens—lines get crossed, men will be men, boys will be boys—but it’s crucial to keep those things on the down-low. That said, I’m pretty grateful in retrospect that they made things so goddamned obvious because it caused me to wonder whether Scout Zack might be up for it with a different vintage model! The stars aligned when the two of us were paired together for the day. He was working on his Bird Study badge and needed to check on some nesting boxes he’d built in the middle of nowhere. It was supposed to be a twenty-minute trek from base camp but we walked for what felt like miles, plainly in circles because I let the boy do the navigating. We hiked in near silence. That’s a good thing. I’m not really a man of words and I like it when there isn’t any need for pointless small talk. The longer I spent in Scout Zack’s company, the more he intrigued me. The boy is small, but rather perfectly formed. He always looks a little like he’s been poured into his uniform, which clings, like an enticing layer of skin, to every square inch of his body. By the time we’d arrived at our destination, my head was buzzing with the most inappropriate thoughts and I was bulging uncontrollably in my shorts. I told him I needed a leak and was pleased when he followed me off the trail and into the trees. I pulled my semi-hard dick out of my pants and he stood next to me, staring into the wilderness as though we were standing at a giant, invisible urinal. I could tell instantly that the boy was excited. He kept looking down, somewhat guiltily, at my dick. I, of course, maintained the upper hand by continually looking straight ahead, surveying him, subtlety, in my peripheral vision. The knowledge that he was checking me out instantly made me stiffen. The thought that he was getting off on me taking a piss was curiously arousing. It felt kinky. It suggested an openness to adventure. It almost felt like my dick had sent him into a trance. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off it and then suddenly I heard him stuttering out two words; “it’s big.” I smiled and massaged it for a little while before saying,“it gets bigger.” For a moment, time seemed to stand still. The birds were singing merrily, the wind was rustling in the trees, a plane hummed somewhere in the distance, but I knew the only sound the boy was hearing right then was his heart thumping like crazy in his ears. I broke the silence and asked if he wanted to touch my dick. He nodded and reached out, taking my penis in his hand and fingering it like some sort of precious object. Needless to say, it responded favorably to his touch. He knew what to do. Banner had clearly taught him well. He fell to his knees and started to suck me, staring up with those big, innocent, Bambi-like eyes as I unzipped my shirt. His mouth felt good despite him struggling to get a great deal of my big dick inside it. He was eager to please though, and I couldn’t wait to test how far he’d go. He stood up and we kissed passionately while I aggressively kneaded the soft skin of his butt cheeks. I felt an overwhelming desire at that moment to fuck him and instantly spun him around, pushing him against a tree and ripping down his shorts and underwear. Within seconds, I had my tongue rammed deep inside his ass and he was gasping and groaning in anticipation. He was incredibly tight, but I made the assumption that Scoutmaster Banner had beaten me to his virginity and therefore that, if prepared carefully enough, young Scout Zack would be able to take a big ole daddy dick like mine. And sure enough, after a relatively short period, he opened up like a precious flower. I stood behind him, spat on my dick and lined myself up with his twitching hole, and penetrated him. It certainly took a while to get fully inside. His tight ass felt like a clamp on my cock and the noises he was making suggested I was stretching him to the absolute max. It all added to the general excitement of the moment and simply made me more determined to push the boy as far as possible. The sweat was soon dripping from his forehead. I grabbed his chest and squeezed him tight as I started to thrust as deep as I could inside him. He grabbed the tree and started to yell uncontrollably. I could feel the semen rising in my balls as I started to pound him with increasing speed and power, and then, suddenly, I passed the point of no return. I’d barely managed to pull out of his ass before the spunk started to fly out of me. I squirted for what felt like an eternity. So much cum shot out of me! I pushed a load of it back inside him. I wanted my DNA to meld with his. I wanted this to be an encounter he’d never forget.