Scoutmaster McKeon sets up a tent to enjoy scout boy Landon’s ass

I don’t know if you could call what I have with Scoutmaster McKeon a relationship. I’d have said that we were more like friends with benefits, except he’s my Scoutmaster and it feels super weird to call him a “friend.” To be honest, we probably don’t hook up often enough to call it anything at all. Last Sunday was only our third encounter together. Yet, every time I’m with him, it seems so intense and special that I end up feeling desperate to label it as something which is a little more noteworthy than a random hook up! If we could only find ways to spend more alone time together I know things would be different. The last trip out into the wilderness was a complete disaster in that respect. We tried every trick in the book to hang out, but every attempt we made to sneak off on our own was thwarted. On the day-before-yesterday he asked for a volunteer to help him collect wood for the bonfire and I just knew he wanted it to be me. Then stupid Colton shoved his hand up and started shouting “me me me” like some sort of imbecile and I guess McKeon had no option but to pick him. It made me feel unbelievably jealous. I’m pretty sure nothing would have happened between them, but Colton came back from that trek grinning like the cat that got the canary and it irritated me beyond words. When we went away again last week and Scoutmaster McKeon asked if anyone wanted to experience “deep-wood camping”, I instantly shouted yes, despite having no clue what that meant. When he picked me, all I wanted to do was turn around and stick my tongue out at Colton! The next day, Scoutmaster McKeon and I walked for miles. I probably should have been paying attention to where we were heading–a good Scout should always know where he is–but I was too busy thinking about what was in store for me once we’d arrived. We’d be spending a whole night together… a whole night! On our own! If we weren’t in a relationship before, we surely were now, right? We found a small clearing deep inside the woods and got the tent up quickly. Then we sat inside for a bit, almost in silence, listening to the wind rustling in the trees, and the occasional plane flying through the clouds, high above our heads. It felt so incredible to be alone in the forest with him. After a while, I asked if he wanted to make out. The question just fell out of my mouth, probably because it was all I’d been thinking about since we left the main camp. My penis had been in an almost constant state of arousal for what seemed like hours. Pre-cum had been pumping out of it and soaking into the fabric of my pants. For a split second, I regretted asking the question, worrying that he might turn me down, or think that I was a slut for asking. Fortunately, he pretty quickly replied with an emphatic, almost hungry, “Yes.” He unzipped my shirt and I did the same to him, pulling it off to unveil his manly muscular chest. I dream of snuggling up to that beautiful body almost every night. He has a way of touching me which makes me melt. His hands are so large and he’s so domineering. It’s like being ravaged, I guess… if being ravaged can be something that you desire with every part of your body. He always pulls some kind of move which takes me by surprise. This time, he kissed my arm pits! I can safely say that I’ve never been kissed there before–not that I’ve been kissed anywhere a whole lot of times! He undid my belt and pulled down my pants before thrusting his hand inside my underwear and somewhat crudely grabbing my dick. I followed suit but I’m ashamed to say that I made a bit of a mess of everything! Scoutmaster McKeon has a supernatural ability to undo buttons and belts with the merest flick of a wrist! I, by contrast, am like some sort of bumbling amateur. I was so embarrassed by how long it took me to get his pants down that I immediately started to suck him off! In my fantasies, of course, I tease him seductively until he’s begging for my lips around his cock. The reality was that I yielded in a matter of seconds. He soon had me on all-fours. Before I could act all coy and demure, he’d thrust his tongue deep inside my hole and I was gasping and panting like a total sex addict. Then, just like that, his huge dick was inside me. I was surprised that it didn’t hurt as much as it had before. It just seemed to sink into me this time, like there was some sort of magnet deep in my belly which was pulling him in. I could feel my ass muscles closing in tightly around it, and, as he started to thrust, my entire body awakened to new sensations, new pleasures. He fucked me from behind to begin with. At one point, he started licking my ear which sent shivers down my spine. He then wrapped his enormous arms around my body and went at it like some sort of animal. He pushed me onto my side and from this position I was able to look up at him and see his face etched with determination. His dick slammed into me with such force that I thought my insides were gonna pop out of my mouth! All I could do was lie there, incapacitated and moaning in utter disbelief, wondering if anything would ever feel this good again. He pulled me about and threw me around and I ended up in all kinds of contortions. At one stage I was on my front and he seemed to be doing push-ups into me. I had no clue what was going on most of the time. I just knew that I wanted more. Then he pulled out and started to jerk himself and, seconds later, his semen started to fly… and I mean fly! It went right over my head and then onto my cheek… great big ribbons of the stuff. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. More and more flew out until my face and chest were covered and my eyes were stinging like crazy. Then he pushed himself back into me and I could still feel him twitching as the cum dribbled out into my guts. I didn’t want it to stop. I don’t think I ever will!