Scoutmaster Wheeler penetrates young scout Colton in the tent before the troop wakes

Colton and I have gotten pretty close of late. The more time we spend together, the more intrigued I am by him. Finding regular moments to hang out with him in private has become one of my biggest priorities. We’re at it pretty much all the time. What can I say? The boy is almost permanently, off-puttingly erect and he’s started shooting me these wanton looks which I find impossible to ignore. Fortunately, when you’re out in the wilderness, there are plenty of trees and rocks you can disappear behind for a quick breeding. My dick would happily live in his ass! I love it when we get somewhere private and I can pull him into me and kiss him like crazy while he slowly wraps his legs around my body. My dick immediately starts throbbing uncontrollably, usually pumping out enough pre-cum to leave a wet patch in my pants. There’s a furtiveness associated with what we’re doing. A voice in the back of my mind which dares me to see how far we can take it. Man, I’ve fucked the boy while the rest of the scouts were less than ten feet away, hanging out around the camp fire! Keeping quiet while I secretly slip a load into his tight, hungry hole. Stripping Colton naked in a place where we run the risk of being caught is hot. There’s that point of no return when you realize he’s never gonna be able to get himself looking presentable if another scout were to happen upon us – but when your dick’s demanding a fuck, all bets are off. I like to get him naked while I’m fully clothed. It gives me one hell of a power kick! The power that comes from seeing him vulnerable and exposed immediately triggers my boner. Besides, I like doing it in my uniform. It’s good and tight and it clings to me in all the right places. Then there’s the moment when we get lost in each other. His breathing changes. We both start to groan a little. I’ve usually got my fist wrapped around his rock hard cock by that stage. What is it with erections on guys his age? He’s always as hard as iron. It’s like gripping a freakin’ baseball bat! I often prep his hole for fucking when his shorts are still half way down his legs. He has an ass like a peach. The cheeks are round and smooth, and the crack might as well have a sign above it which says ‘insert here for the ride of your life’. I like to start with my tongue. I love the way he shivers and gasps when he feels it strobing over his inviting little hole. When I thrust it in further and then go in with my fingers, he opens up like a flower. I often make him lick my fingers so I can use his saliva as lube. The boy gives remarkable head – just the right balance between suction and moisture. My dick glides into his throat, pulled deeper and deeper by an invisible, magnetic force. Sometimes, I unzip my pants, pull my dick out and shove it straight into him. My rational brain tells me that if we were to hear someone coming, I’d need to be out of there and back inside my pants at the speed of light! On other occasions, he gets my pulse racing so hard that I want to strip off and feel the cool, spring breeze rippling over my hairy chest as I slowly, sensuously penetrate him. However we do it, I never fail to notice how beautiful his ass is. It fits my dick like a glove. It feels like it was carved entirely for my pleasure. I will never cease to feel grateful for this stunning, horny, sexy boy, and will always want to give him experiences which blow his impressionable, beautiful mind. I want to breed him repeatedly. Every drop of spunk which doesn’t enter his guts is seed wasted. I never want there to be a moment when my semen isn’t inside him. These thoughts invariably make me go harder. I find myself gritting my teeth and really letting go. If someone turned up at this stage, I simply wouldn’t be able to stop. I’d just keep banging the boy until I blew. I like to turn him over and stare into those innocent, impressionable eyes as I make love to him. I crave seeing the alternate looks of shock and pleasure flashing across his contorted, desperate face as my semen prepares for lift-off. I always cum hard. I can shoot clean over a boy’s head if I pull out at the right moment. Colton tells me that he can always feel it exploding like a jet wash inside him. It’s certainly always incredibly intense with him and it invariably takes me a moment to catch my breath before I pull out. And as I hold him in my arms afterwards, I always feel like the luckiest man alive.