Scout Landon has learned to love his scout masters dick

Things have gotten quite intense of late! A few months ago, I was an ordinary Scout, innocent as anything but longing for adventures. I worried that life was already passing me by. I’d started to think that sex and intimacy were just things that happened to other people. I couldn’t imagine that anyone would ever think of me like that. That was, of course, until I met Scoutmaster McKeon… Talk about having my eyes opened! That man showed me the world! He made me realize that there’s not a spot in the human body which doesn’t go crazy when it’s touched in the right way. He made me feel desirable and he made me desperate for more! I was hoping that we’d established something quite special—that we’d continue to find moments to meet up and do all sorts of unspeakable things. But after that first encounter, he got a bit distant with me. It was a shame but I guess these things happen, and it left the door open for me to see what else, and who else, was out there. I think I have a thing for older men. My interest in more vintage models definitely predates Scoutmaster McKeon. There were teachers at school who caused impure thoughts in me, and who hasn’t got an uncle they fancy just a little bit? I found myself checking out some of the other Scoutmasters, hoping against hope that there might be a flicker of interest from one of them. Scoutmaster St. Michael had intrigued me ever since McKeon made a comment which made me wonder if St. Michael was also into guys. We’d exchanged a heap of looks in recent weeks, which I’m pretty sure had the right kind of vibe about them… Now, you might call me a little bit sneaky. But a couple of days ago, I figured out a way to spend a bit of alone time with St. Michael by pretending to miss a hike that we were all supposed to be on. I knew he’d be staying on the camp site to keep an eye on things and figured that if he did his rounds and found me in a slightly uncompromising position in one of the tents… well, you never know. It worked like a charm. I heard him approach, so I made sure I was lying in my tent in just my underpants, nursing a hard-on, with the blanket casually pushed aside so he got an eyeful. Sure enough, he climbed inside the tent and sat right next to me! He knew what I wanted and I knew what he wanted. A bit of clumsy small talk and led his hand to my thigh, and then on my bulge, and then his fingers were sliding underneath the tight fabric of my underwear. I was in heaven! He stared into my eyes; it was a look which I recognised. It was a look which told me he wanted to do unspeakable things to me! I wondered if he’d be as good as McKeon. I knew he wanted to kiss me and I was desperate to kiss him, but it took the longest time for our lips to touch. They say the best things come to those who wait and Scoutmaster St. Michael certainly proved this to be the case! By the time he pressed his big, soft lips against mine, I was climbing the walls! He kissed me so tenderly. Real slow, like a lover. My entire body started to tremble and shiver like the leaves rustling in the trees above the tent. He rolled down my underpants and started to suck me off. There was something exciting about being naked while he was still in his full uniform. He positioned me onto all fours and pushed his tongue deep into my ass. I knew he wanted to fuck me and man did I need to be fucked! I was a little disappointed when he started to strip off—he looked so hot in the uniform. But then, as he unzipped his shirt, I saw his ripped torso all covered in a masculine layer of fur and I decided I never wanted to see him in clothes again! Then, he pushed down his pants and his dick sprang out. It was rock-hard and it had an upward curve to it, almost like a banana. Call me a slut, but I literally couldn’t wait to feel it inside me. And, to be fair, he was in there pretty darn quickly! It was amazing. There was something about the curve and the way it was pushing upwards which made me completely lose control. I felt his huge balls slap against my ass cheeks and I entirely lost the ability to do anything but gasp and moan in almost disbelief. Periodically, I could feel the tip of his neckerchief painting little pictures onto my back. It added a whole new subtle layer to the sensory overload. He turned me onto my back, and that’s when the curve of his dick revealed its true power to me. I’ve heard it called a g-spot, or a prostate, but there was something inside me which was being massaged in a way I could never have dreamed of experiencing. I had to fight every fiber of my body to avoid cumming on the spot. I found myself staring into his eyes again, fighting the urge to tell him I felt like the luckiest boy on the planet. He got on his back and I squatted over him, slowly allowing his manhood to penetrate my hole. I tried to grind up and down on him, riding him while squeezing the muscles in my ass. He started to groan like crazy and I knew I’d hit the sweet spot. It was only a matter of time before his semen was mine, I thought. And with that thought, I felt him gush into me with force. I grabbed my dick and started to jerk off. I felt my balls twitching and tensing up before huge jets of spunk flew onto my stomach. He dipped his finger into the pearlescent puddle and licked it. Well, I suppose, his semen was inside my body so it was only fitting that some of mine should have found its way into his!