Scoutmaster St.Michael teaches scout Logan how to set up his tent

 I guess you could describe me as pretty experienced for my age. That certainly hasn’t always been the case—before joining the Elite Scouts, I had absolutely no interest in the main hallmark of maturity: sex. To be honest, I found the thought utterly terrifying. Of course, the moment it happened, I was instantly hooked and now I can’t get enough of it! It was Scoutmaster St. Michael who took my virginity. Though it blew my mind, I’d always thought of the whole experience as a one-off thing. But more recently I’ve started to get a sense of unfinished business every time I see him. I’m an entirely different person now when compared to the nervous wreck I was when we first met. I know who I am these days, I know what I’m about, and I’ve learned a whole heap of tricks which have made me a far better lover! I want to share all that with the guy that kicked things off, so for the last few months I’ve been a bit flirty with him and he’s been responding in all the right ways. When he asked me to join him on a two-person hike, I was thrilled. There’s always someone hanging about at camp, so getting alone time with him, or anyone, was challenging. As we walked away from the others—out into the wilderness—I started to feel all the anxiety drift away. This was my opportunity; we were not going to be interrupted. We chatted about everything and anything, while carefully ignoring any discussion about what had happened when he initiated me into the Elite Scouts. I kept trying to push the conversation in that direction, but I got the strong sense that he was resisting, and that made me a whole heap less confident about his feelings towards me. We pitched a tent in a clearing at least five miles from base camp. There was no way anyone would stumble upon us there. We’d gone off the beaten track several times and I would’ve completely lost my bearings had Scoutmaster St. Michael not been there. We stood for a while, looking up at the sun glinting through the leaves of the tall trees overhead. The warm spring breeze massaged our faces and the backs of our necks. He stood close to me. I could feel the back of his hand brushing lightly against my thigh. And then, without further prompting, we kissed… It was a gentle, delicate, somewhat tentative kiss, a kiss which felt as though we were both seeking the other one’s permission. It was a kiss which grew with confidence. Our hands started to explore each other’s bodies. Then, it was the kiss of energy rekindling. Those old sensations came rushing back. I felt inexperienced again. I found myself shaking like a leaf. I was suddenly a complete novice in my master’s capable hands. I grabbed his bulge through the fabric of his pants, desperate to feel it inside me again. He stood behind me and thrust his body into my back while undoing my belt. My shorts dropped to the ground. Then, finally, finally, he released my throbbing, rock hard dick from the soft fabric encasement of my underpants. We got inside the tent and were immediately engulfed by that familiar damp, slightly stale, plastic smell which seems to accompany all tents. It’s an aroma I’ve started to associate with the promise of sex! We were instantly making out again, impatient to move things to the next level. Scoutmaster St. Michael started to undress himself. He uncovered his beautiful, upward-curving dick. His was the first erect penis I’d ever touched; I’d wondered if all dicks apart from mine were shaped like that. I’ve subsequently realized that his cock is brilliantly unique. It was plainly designed by mother nature to bring absolute pleasure to boys like me. I squatted down and started to suck him off. I looked up at his face while using my tongue and mouth to show him all the cool stuff I’d learned. He returned the favor and sucked me so good that I thought I was instantly gonna blow my load right down his throat! He asked if I was gonna give him my ass, so I threw myself down on all fours and dutifully presented my rear to him. He got to work with his tongue and fingers pretty darned quick, with a cheeky grin on his face which seemed to say, “just you wait…” My hole instantly opened up for him. If I didn’t know for certain that he was about to do it, I’d have begged him to fuck me. He knelt up behind me and started to push his solid dick into me. I yielded. I felt a sense of pure relief as he entered. This was the thing I’d longed for, the thing I needed beyond anything else… He rutted me, slowly and then with increasing force and speed. His curved dick did things to my insides which no other dick had ever done, or could ever do. The more he pleasured me, the more I felt the need to please him, tightening my ass muscles around his cock and pulling him into my stomach. I knew that getting onto my back was going to be the ultimate position because his curved dick would start to rub against my prostate. And sure enough, the moment he entered me like that, I was sent spinning off into some sort of erotic trance. I stared into his eyes—urging him to read the thoughts which were bouncing about in my head. I wanted him to know how much I needed him, and I needed him to know that I was his and his alone. We changed positions again and I rode him as hard as I could, loving the sensation of his giant dick mercilessly spearing my insides every time I lowered my body. We relaxed into a slow grind for a while, watching each other intently, passionately, knowingly… savoring every second of the experience. He slowly worked up the pace of his strokes until I was gasping uncontrollably. He, very suddenly, blew his load deep inside me. Who knows when that will make its way out of me again? It’s gonna feel good knowing there’s a piece of him inside me… and I think we’ll even go for a second round before it’s gone.