Scoutmaster Secrets: A Steamy Encounter with a Young and Skilled Lover

I’ve wanted Scoutboy Noah with every fiber of my being from the moment I saw him. He’s just one of those who brings out the very dirtiest in a red-blooded man like me. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why I’m so drawn to him. It’s probably a combination of his immense cuteness, his diminutive stature, and a rather charming quality of earnestness. The boy works so hard to please his Scoutmasters. He’s always properly uniformed, always conscientious, always kind to the other Scouts. He also has the sort of puppy-dog eyes which were surely created by the Almighty simply to lead the weaker willed of us astray. He has the ability to fix you with a look which goes straight to your dick. I made it my mission to give the boy some one-on-one attention as often as I could, and this afternoon I was handed an unexpectedly golden opportunity to take him out into the woods, just the two of us, to develop his tent-pitching skills. As we strolled away from the camp, I realized that my dick was stiffening in my pants. I guess I’d already made the decision to make a pass at him, but there was something about the way that his uniform was clinging to his little body which made me unable to control my thoughts. I’ve no idea how I managed to stay sane for long enough to get a tent up. My uniform pants are incredibly tight at the best of times, so my hard-on must have been pretty obvious—as obvious as the spot of pre-cum which I suddenly realized was soaking through the front of my pants. I could see young Noah looking down there, excited by what he saw. We sat in the tent and joked about how ridiculously small it felt for something which was supposed to sleep two. I told him it had plainly been designed specifically with the aim of forcing those who slept in it to become intimate. I looked him in the eye and held his gaze expectantly. The look on his face suddenly changed to one of pure desire and I knew that I had him. I casually ran my hand over his thigh. He acted all coy, but instantly started to shuffle his way a little closer to me, puckering his sweet, rosy lips in anticipation. Moments later we were kissing—real tenderly to start with, but growing in intensity by the second. The boy was no stranger to kissing. He knew exactly what he was doing to the level that I felt almost certain that my hunch that he’d fooled around with other Scoutmasters was correct. Within seconds, he was having a good old grope of my bulge and I was tearing his shirt off. He smelt so good—surprisingly clean—and his soft skin felt so wonderful under my finger tips. He unzipped my pants and exposed my dick like he was unwrapping a chocolate bar. He was obviously deeply excited by what he was uncovering and soon had his lips pressed against it. The boy gave head like a pro and I found myself groaning with pleasure, my head spinning with dirty thoughts about what I was going to do to him. I pulled his underwear below his crack to expose his stunningly-peachy ass cheeks. I started to finger him in readiness and pushed down on the back of his head until he was choking on my meat. I got him squatting in front of me and thrust my hungry tongue deep into his beautiful smooth ass, getting him wet and slippery. Then I knelt behind him, lined myself up, and pushed my 9-inch raw penis into him. He let out a gasp which seemed to be a mixture of determination, pleasure and discomfort. For a while he rode me, inching his ass backwards and forwards on my solid dick, sinking a little deeper into me with every wriggle of his pelvis while I remained entirely still. And then we were full-on fucking with my arms wrapped around his chest as he threw himself up and down on my dick with extreme vigor. I got onto my back and the boy sat down on my dick again, riding me with long, intense strokes, squeezing his ass muscles around my cock, while jerking his own rock-hard penis. It was a beautiful sensation. Then suddenly, just like that, he let out a roar and his dick started spewing semen all over my belly and chest. Seconds later, I could feel the spunk rising in my own balls. I threw him onto his back and exploded all over his torso, wondering if anything would ever feel as good as that again!