Scoutmaster goes on a hike with scout Maxwell to drill him against a tree

I think I’ve been a Scoutmaster for way too long. When I started out, I was energetic and enthusiastic about what I was doing. I could see the difference I was making as I slowly turned these unruly boys into fine, smart young men. In recent years, however, I’ve found myself becoming a lot more jaded. It feels like I’ve lost my mojo. I just don’t quite seem to have the same level of drive any more. The brave new world we’ve all been forced into hasn’t exactly helped—being a Scoutmaster has suddenly become more about filling in health and safety forms than it is about inspiring young minds. And to add to the problem, the new recruits seem so much more fragile than they used to be. I was seriously considering throwing in the towel… Then, this boy turned up and everything changed. Maxwell was a quiet kid who didn’t seem to quite fit in. To begin with, I thought he was going to be one of the flaky ones who spends the first night in a flood of tears, feeling homesick, before getting shipped off back into the bosom of his overbearing mother! But, as I slowly got to know him, I realized that he had a steeliness about him, a determination. The more I studied him, the more he intrigued me, and then that intrigue morphed into desire. Before I knew it, I’d forgotten all my previous woes about being a Scoutmaster. In fact, I couldn’t wait to get to the campouts. I flirted outrageously with Maxwell. I couldn’t help myself. And when those long, lingering, lust-filled glances started heading my way, I knew I had to have him. I fucked him in my tent while the others were out hiking. I pushed my big, raw, rock-hard dick deep inside his tight ass and the boy took it like a true pro. I have wanted a second helping ever since, but it’s hard to separate a boy out on his own without arousing suspicion, even though I know half of the other Scoutmasters are playing similar games. Months after our first encounter, and a whole heap of loaded looks later, I finally got some alone time with him. We took the boys on a hike and the silly fool left his compass back at the camp. Of course, he could have managed without one and I could have lent him mine, but I seized the opportunity and told him he’d need to head back to camp to retrieve it and faked annoyance that I’d have to accompany him. The moment we were alone, I felt every last drop of blood in my body rushing to my dick. The sight of him in his tight little uniform—his diminutive body and peachy ass crammed into the soft fabric of his shirt and shorts—instantly drove me wild. Of course, a bit of sexy man-to-man chatter instantly had Maxwell tenting like crazy, and he couldn’t resist the overwhelming urge to get his hands down the front of his shorts. He was soon feeling himself up, nervously looking around to check there was no one hanging around in the trees. I’d deliberately walked us in the complete opposite direction to the others, so I was satisfied that it was only the whistling birds and the rustling wind that’d be able to witness what we were about to do. I cupped the bulge in my pants with my hand and subtly traced its outline with my fingers, fixing him with a look which told him the time had come. He reached out to touch it, his hand shaking with excitement and nervousness. As he rubbed his hand over my bulge, a series of dirty thoughts started to rush through my mind, the first of which was wondering if my big dick was actually thicker than his overly-slim wrist. I’m not gonna lie, the fact that I’m a foot taller than him and probably about twice his weight has been a constant turn on for me. It opens up so many possibilities. Watching him slowly and trustingly yielding to my wildly superior strength was exciting beyond words. We ran our hands over each other’s bodies for the longest time, then I slowly unzipped my pants and allowed my thick, swollen cock to spring out into the open air. In no time at all, I had his shirt off, exposing that beautiful, hairless chest to the spring breeze. I then unzipped his shorts and brushed his hands aside to let him know I was now completely in control. I was surprised—and pleased—to discover that he was wearing a jockstrap which framed his cute little butt like a priceless work of art. I pushed the jock down at the front and his rock-hard dick jumped out into the open. I unzipped my shirt so that he could fully appreciate the difference in our sizes. I work out fairly relentlessly; my torso is about as well-sculpted as it’s ever been. I could see him hungrily looking at it, drinking it in, plainly aware that we were gonna be taking it all the way—right there on the forest floor. I removed a blanket from my backpack and draped it onto the tree branch next to me. The branch seemed to be conveniently growing at an angle which would allow Maxwell to lie on it while presenting his ass to me; even Nature contorted to make this happen for us. I could, of course, have spent a lifetime tonguing inside his hole, gently lubing him up and preparing him for the ride, but to be honest, the horniness of the situation got the better of me, and a quick spit on my dick combined with all my pre-cum was all he got before I edged my big, thick, daddy cock into him. It slid in without too much trouble. It was clearly a little uncomfortable for the boy, but he bravely allowed me to continue, moaning and groaning gently to himself. I’d forgotten quite how tight his hole was. I casually pushed his head down onto the tree branch and shoved my hand over his whimpering mouth, so he knew to remain as quiet as he could. I could hear his rock-hard dick riding the rough woolen fabric of the blanket, surely bringing a whole new sensory experience to his encounter. I repositioned myself slightly so that we were both standing astride over the tree branch and this gave me the complete physical control I needed to fuck the boy as hard as I wanted. And boy did I want to fuck him hard! He took it like a trooper, and moments later, when I actually picked him up to continue to bang him, I think he was surprised and told me it had gotten to be too much! I pulled out and then balanced him on the tree branch on his back so that I could plough him from the front. I watched his dick twitching before turning my attention to his sweet little face, which was etched with bravery and a desire to please me. He was as malleable as a rag doll. I got so turned on picking him up and repeatedly repositioning him in order to get the perfect angle for my now-bristling dick. A quick tweak of my nipples and I felt the semen starting to rise in my balls. Seconds later, I was engulfed by that old, familiar tingling sensation. I pulled out as the shards of watery spunk started to fly out of the tip of my dick. I probably squirted a few blasts inside him because I was in full flow by the time I saw the head! I slid my wet tip over his cum-covered back before pushing it back into him as I slowly started to come down. This encounter had been a long time in the making and was well worth the wait—but there was no way I was going to leave it as long again before the next installment. In fact, it was possible that I’d be up for another round before we found the others… Now, where did I put his compass?