Scout master helps young scout Maxwell pitch his tent

It’s really difficult to watch one of your Scouts having a hard time on their first trip away from home. Your heart just goes out to them. On one hand, you know it’s necessary; it’s all part of growing up and becoming a confident, independent young man. But on the other, you know they’re feeling homesick and shy and unconfident and basically wishing they were anywhere other than in the middle of a forest with a bunch of complete strangers! When I see a boy in trouble, I always try to take him under my wing. I find the time to hang out with him and teach him a few little tricks and hacks so he can look knowledgeable and cool in front of the other boys. Case in point, Max. I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a nervous young man. He’s considerably shorter than the other boys and on the first day of camp he barely opened his mouth. He just sat to the side, silently watching the team-building games. I had to intervene…. I tried to spend as much time with him as I could and, in the process, I discovered that he was a really intelligent boy who was incredibly keen to learn. He also looked as cute as a button in his uniform! I’m not sure why I found him so distracting in that respect. I’m usually incredibly good at establishing very strict boundaries when it comes to the all-important Scoutmaster-Scout relationship, but there was something about Max… My feelings developed quite rapidly over a few days. I found myself wanting to spend more and more time with him on his own. I invented a whole complicated backstory for him, which I told the other scoutmasters so they wouldn’t find it suspicious that I was giving him so much attention. I found myself touching Max from time to time and just allowing my hand to linger for a few extra seconds. My dick was permanently hard in his presence. Then I guess it just happened. We were sitting in the tent that I’d just shown him how to pitch, and an innocent little cuddle progressed, first into nervous groping, and then into something way more sexual and with that, the line was officially crossed! He was obviously aroused, yet shaking like a leaf as I undid his shirt. It was instantly clear that he’d never done anything like this before. The thought excited and terrified me in equal measure. My dick was screaming at me just to jump on him and get busy, but the rest of me realized I needed to take things as slowly as possible to avoid scaring him or making him uncomfortable. I kissed his cheek, then his forehead, and then his beautifully smooth chest. I could feel his heart beating so hard and his breathing was really shallow. He smelled so good. I never know how some of these boys manage to remain so clean while they’re out camping. I’m pretty sure I’d have been a hot, stinking, muddy mess at his age – particularly after putting up a tent! My body utterly dwarfed him. I tried to be as gentle as I could as I caressed him and slowly ran my hands over the bulge in his underpants. He was rock-hard and twitching like crazy and the whole situation just sent my libido surging. I soon had him naked. It must have been incredibly intimidating for him, but he seemed to suddenly lose his inhibitions and started to go with the flow. I got my mouth around his dick and gave him the mother of all blowjobs. It was obviously his first and I wanted him to have the very best experience. I took my pants and underpants down and seductively revealed my big fat dick. He was soon sucking it, tentatively to begin with, but then like a true pro. He was lying flat on his stomach, which gave me time to study and then play with his stunning, soft, peach-like ass. Until that moment it hadn’t even crossed my mind that I might actually get to fuck him, but, as I licked my finger and pushed it into his super-tight hole (and he didn’t yelp), a whole world of possibilities suddenly opened up! Was young Max really about to let me pop his cherry? Now I’ve got a big dick. It’s not the size you wanna just shove up a virgin ass, but the more that boy sucked me, the more I needed to have him. I gently turned him onto his front. He must have known what was coming, but he seemed calm and up for it. I spent the longest time lubing him up with my tongue and fingers, enjoying the gasps and deep moans of satisfaction which were coming from his mouth. I carefully lined my massive, raw dick up against his tiny ass and tried to speak as reassuring as possible as I entered him. I saw his eyes widen as he felt it for the first time, and then he started gasping. All things considered, he took me really well for a first-timer. I went as slowly as I could, creeping into him a little at a time until my huge pole was fully inside him. I fucked him imperceptibly—slowly to begin with—and then started ramping up the pace, propelled by his innocent whimpering and moaning. He was such a brave boy. His slight frame made him easy to move around. I molded him into some crazily-hot positions, my dick remaining deep inside him at all times. By the time I’d got him on his back, I was able to bang him deep and hard. I kind of lost control and started really pounding him. My dick suddenly wanted to wreck him and I wanted to watch his gutsy little face grit his teeth as I went full tilt. I could feel the semen rising in my balls and I knew I had to squirt my load into him—almost like branding him—making him mine and letting him know that this was the first encounter of many and that there was one heck of a journey to come for him!