Scout Colton gets a visit in tent from older hairy scout master

I guess you could say that my sexual initiation came at the hands of Scoutmaster Wheeler. For a while, back in the early summer, we couldn’t get enough of each other. He was my first and he took his role incredibly seriously, teaching me everything I needed to know about sex – and more! He was also a gentleman. He took everything at the speed I needed it to go and as a result I never once felt out of my depth, or uncomfortable. I loved our time together… In the end, we had to take a step back. It was all too intense and it was messing with my head. I still miss him of course, but I’m also young and I need to get out there and start living my life. Without wishing to sound like a tragic cliche, there is one other Scoutmaster I’ve got a bit of a thing for. Talk about having a type! I’ve been trying to fight off the feelings I’m developing for him, but it seems that the more I try to avoid him, the more we get thrown together. Life can be funny like that, can’t it? Anyway, Scoutmaster St. Michael is tall, blond and very strong and he has this incredibly sexy Southern drawl. He’s insanely practical in a really cool way. He can get a fire going with the dampest leaves, open cans of food with stones, lasso something from twelve feet away. I often found myself watching him in awe. I kept having to tell myself that he’s clearly not gay, and, even if he was, that he wouldn’t be interested in a little runt like me… but then, every so often, he’d shoot me a glance which made my head spin. It was the same sort of look which Scoutmaster Wheeler used to give me when he was feeling horny and wanted me to follow him into the woods. And it made me just as hard. So yesterday, Scoutmaster St. Michael took me out to the woods to show me how to hang a hammock. For the record, it’s a series of way-too-complicated knots that I’m never going to remember, but he seemed pleased with me. And then, just like that, it suddenly kicked off. To be honest, it’s all a bit of a dream-like blur. Our eyes met, he got a little closer towards me, and then we were making out. I remember two thoughts occurring to me. The first was how surprisingly soft his lips were. I could have kissed him forever. And the other was how amazing he smelled! We’d just spent about an hour hauling bits of canvas and rope through a forest and yet he smelt so fresh and clean… and masculine. The next thing I knew, he was pushing my pants down and running his huge, manly hands over my rock hard penis. We weren’t that far away from camp, so I was trying to keep really quiet, but everything he did seemed to make me gasp uncontrollably. I remember him dropping to his knees and flinging his hat off so that he could suck my dick more effectively. I then remember looking down and seeing him staring up at me, almost as though he were looking for my approval, and I thought how incredibly hot that was. I was surprised by the size of his dick and the way that it sort of curved upwards. It tasted so good and felt so hard in my mouth, like a big, veiny block of marble. My overwhelming desire was to impress him. I wanted to give him the best head of his life… He pushed me against the big tree which we’d attached the hammock to and bent down, using his tongue to get me ready for penetration. I have absolutely no clue what he was doing down there, but it almost made me cum on the spot. At one point I felt like waves of pure pleasure were rolling up and down my body. Then he stood, unzipped his shirt, uncovered the seriously sexy rug on his chest and told me to get in the hammock. I remember wondering if he’d taken me into the woods to show me how to attach a hammock to a tree purely so he could fuck me in it, or whether he was just going with the flow. I kinda liked the first thought, but both were hot as hell. He got me positioned in it so that I was on my back with my ass hanging over the edge, seemingly at exactly the right height for his dick, which surely wasn’t a coincidence. He was certainly inside my ass pretty darned quick, and, lemme tell you, his cock felt so good. My hole simply opened up for him. I felt like I’d gone to heaven, just staring up at him as he pummeled himself into me, a look of deep concentration on his face, which would periodically turn to one of utter pleasure. At one stage he slowly rolled my socks off. It sounds so innocuous, but it was so seductive and intimate, especially when he gave my bare foot a tender little kiss. I jerked myself throughout. I just needed to touch myself on the outside because my insides were being massaged so spectacularly. I could have gone on like that forever. We were just locked in this magical space… entwined, intermingled, like one living, breathing, orgasmic being. He slowed down the pace and I assumed he was trying to stop himself from cumming, but it was all too much and I suddenly felt the semen rising from deep within my body and then frenziedly flying out of the tip of my penis. He stayed inside me afterwards and kissed me so wonderfully – like I was his special boy. And I knew, right then, that something amazing had just begun