Campsite Seduction: A Hot Encounter on the Floor of a Tent

I’ve tried to keep an eye out for young Damien ever since he joined the Troop. The boy exudes an air of innocence which makes me want to protect him. I suppose I rather overstepped the mark on Halloween, though… The boys were super jumpy then—a product of having overdosed on a combination of candies and ghost stories, and I guess Scoutmaster Snow and I got a bit carried away with Damien and another one of the Scouts. I’ll be honest; that whole night was hotter than hot, but I did wake up in the cold light of day wondering whether fucking a Scoutboy’s brains out was an extension of looking after him or an act of selfishness. Still, he seemed to have a pretty good time and, judging by the doe-eyes he’s been flashing at me ever since, I’m pretty sure he’s looking for a re-run. The boy’s pretty sneaky, I’d say. He certainly knows how to wrap an older guy around his little finger. Take this morning, for example: we were heading out for a day of games and team sports in the forest. It’s basically one of the most popular things we do with the Scouts, so I was a little confused when Damien wasn’t there for breakfast. I headed off to his tent and discovered him breezily lazing about, head in the clouds, seemingly unaware, or totally unbothered by the fact he was keeping us all waiting. I tried to encourage him along, but he just sat on the floor of his tent fiddling seductively with the buttons of his shirt, a come-to-bed smile plastered across his face, telling me he thought it would be more fun to stay in the campsite while the others headed off for the day. It was pretty clear that he was angling for sex and I’d have been a total fool to pass on that particular opportunity. Moments later, his delicate body was pressed up against mine and we were kissing passionately. He’s a perfect little package of cuteness but there’s a fragility about him which makes a big strong man like me want to treat him with great care. I was quickly all over him, though, tongue lodged as far as I could get it down his throat, ripping my clothes off and kissing and biting his neck in a frenzy. His dick is rather impressive for his diminutive size and it was rock-hard and spewing pre-cum. I stripped him and laid him face down on the ground sheet, kissing every inch of his back as I enveloped him, pressing my considerable weight down onto his body. I pulled him up and stood in front of him, ripping open my pants and shoving my big, hard dick in his face. He started sucking on it eagerly and I impatiently fingered his beautiful, smooth ass. I knew I had to fuck it. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind and, furthermore, it was clear he was desperate to take my dick. I spun him around aggressively and pushed him onto all-fours. Seconds later, I’d thrust my huge rod into his hole and he was gasping and whimpering in a state of complete ecstasy, arching his back like a total slut. I tossed aside the notion that he was fragile, shoved my hand over his mouth and started to bang him like a dog in heat with fast, frantic strokes. Lemme tell you, it’s been a helluva long time since I shot my load with such profound force. I could feel huge ribbons of spunk flying from my dick through his hole and into his belly. I had to acknowledge that he was right: it was more fun to hang around in the camp while the others had their day of team sports. Sometimes it’s good to play games which are designed for just two.