Scout boy pranks the scoutmaster and pays the price with his smooth ass

They say that all actions have consequences. It was meant to be a bit of harmless fun, but yesterday, I ended up with a massive lesson learned. We’ve been hosting a group of American Scouts out here in Spain for four weeks now, and I guess we’re all starting to accept that the adventure’s near an end. The summer’s nearly over; everything in the wild in this country has been burned to a crisp by days of endless intense sunshine. We’re half-wondering what happens next in our lives. We’ve made lifelong friends and lived an amazing, carefree existence for a glorious month. It was hard to imagine how to bookend such an incredible journey. I had got this idea from some goofy prankster podcast. The stunt made me laugh so hard that I figured I had to try it. I’m almost embarrassed to write it down. Basically, a group of us snuck into Scoutmaster Patrick’s room and put pubes and shaving cream onto his pillow. We knew that when he’d lay down that evening to sleep, he’d plant his face right into the pube-foam—and sure enough, he did! Amazingly, the next day, he didn’t interrogate any of us. We couldn’t believe we got away with it. Maybe it’s not so funny when the victim of your prank is Scoutmaster Patrick, who’s basically the grumpiest, meanest Scoutmaster out here. I don’t know if it’s because he wasn’t sure who to blame or if he just didn’t feel like investigating, but the lack of consequences just emboldened our group further. We returned to his room the next night and hung about in the shadows of the hallway, waiting for him to turn in for the night. This time, we were going to put shaving cream in his boots. Unfortunately for us, our timing was all wrong. Just as we found his favorite pair of tan leather boots, Scoutmaster Patrick opened his bedroom door. A couple of the boys panicked at the sight of their leader’s sudden appearance and fled. One of us wasn’t fast enough—it was me, of course—and as I stood there, with the shaving cream can in my hand, I had no alibi and no recourse. An expression of thunder across his face. He looked at me, fairly surprised to see me there and then I watched his eyes making their way down to my hands. At that point I realized that I was still holding the can of shaving cream! I had been caught in the act, guilty as charged. He was angry, very angry. He was probably gonna send me home, or, worse still, order my parents to come and get me in the very last week of the trip. They were gonna lose their shit! He looked at me for a moment and his face kinda softened. He told me that he’d need to figure out some sort of punishment for me, then, in the same breath, he said that I was too old for spanking. Honestly, spanking suddenly sounded like a very good punishment option; it would be over-and-done within a few minutes, and it would avoid the need for my parents to get involved. I immediately told him that I wanted to be spanked. The words just sort of fell out of my mouth. He seemed a little taken aback. He thought for a moment before sitting down on the bed. He widened his legs and tapped his knee. It struck me, at that point, that it had been a very long time since someone had put me over their knee and spanked me. But I knew what to do, and did it without question. To be honest, lying down on his lap felt incredible. I could feel my thigh pressing against his and I could smell the sweat on his body. Then, suddenly, he brought his hand down to my ass with some force. A shockwave instantly traveled like lightning through my body. It was painful, of course, but it was also somehow very exciting. It left bits of electricity prickling through my body—from my rear and into my groin. I think I must have smiled because he asked if I’d enjoyed what he’d just done. I confessed that I did. He half-laughed, then brought his hand down again. Whack! The same sensation; shock, then pleasure. Between the spanks, he allowed the palm of his hand to gently run over my ass cheeks. It was becoming clear that the Scoutmaster was gaining a degree of pleasure from this punishment. He smacked me again and again. I could feel my dick hardening in my shorts, swelling uncontrollably and pressing into his lap. Then I felt his dick pushing against my stomach. Sure, it was through two layers of fabric, but the sensation was unmistakable. He was totally getting off on what he was doing! Then he told me to stand up and take my shorts down. I immediately did as ordered, flustered and, no doubt, red-faced. He ordered me to return to his lap. I was only wearing a jockstrap and my ass was entirely exposed. He was about to smack the bare flesh of my ass cheeks and the thought filled me with deep excitement. The sensation was obviously a heck of a lot more intense, and, within seconds of the first smack, my dick was literally throbbing. A moment later, I felt his hand passing between my legs and grabbing my erect penis. The smacks came thick and fast from that point on, and I ended up in some kind of weird, yet utterly addictive, world between agony and ecstasy. I couldn’t get enough of what he was doing, of his grip on my dick, and of the sting his powerful palm caused. I would have done anything he told me to do at that moment. He instructed me to stand again, then told me to take off my jockstrap and shirt. I hastily undressed for him, powered by adrenaline. Then he threw me over his knee again and continued to slap his hand against my ass cheeks, even harder this time. Before I could gather my thoughts, he was pushing his saliva-covered fingers into my hole. My ass cheeks were stinging and I was a trembling mess of extreme horniness with a dick as hard as iron and a hole which was literally aching to be fucked. He told me to stand again, and started to suck me off as he slowly removed his clothes. Then, all of a sudden, he pushed me, on all fours, onto the bed. He stood behind me and gently massaged his huge, hard dick. He squatted down and allowed his tongue and lips to tantalizingly tease every inch of my butt. Seconds later, he was pushing his massive meat into me, and lemme tell you something; his dick is long! I couldn’t believe how deep he managed to get it inside me. He seemed to be taking great pleasure from pulling it all the way out before pushing it all the way back into me again. With every stroke, I felt my insides being pushed around. It felt like his cock had a mind of its own and was on a mission to explore every nook and cranny inside me. When his hips pushed close enough, he pressed against the sore spanked flesh of my butt, giving shocking reminders of the spanking I had just had. Then he put one leg up on the bed, and I knew he was now in a position to fuck me so much harder. He picked up the pace. I tried again and again to look round at him. I wanted to see the look on his face. I wanted to know if I was pleasuring him anywhere near the same amount he was pleasuring me. He got me onto my back, so that we could look into each other’s eyes. At that point I could finally see the excitement in his face. There were moments when his dick was banging against something inside me which actually made me cry out loud. To be honest, I’m incredibly inexperienced with men. I’m almost ashamed to say that Scoutmaster Patrick is only my second ever encounter of this type, but I certainly don’t remember feeling these extraordinary sensations during my first time. This Scoutmaster was making me quiver. What he was doing to me made me want to take him even further into my body. And you know what? At that very moment, it felt like a secret inner chamber was opening up for him. He went faster and faster and I genuinely didn’t want it to stop, but my balls were bursting. I grabbed my dick and started to jerk it, thinking I’d be able to stop again when I started to get close, but it was all too amazing. He went harder and harder until the whole bed was screeching in time to his heavenly strokes. And then, just like that, I felt my orgasm bursting out, spraying all over my stomach. The relief was extraordinary, but he kept on fucking me, fixing me with that lustful look, until I was gasping and trembling, tender all over. He put his hands around my throat and then I felt him exploding into me, flooding my insides with bolt after bolt of masculine release. We laid there afterwards for what felt like forever, wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing gently as his cum oozed out of my reddened rear. I learned an incredibly important lesson, namely that actions have consequences. I also learned that some of those consequences can be desired, too.