Scoutmasters go deep in the woods and the asses of their favorite boys

I’ll be honest: all this sneaking around with Scout Trent has been way more stressful than I expected. Totally worth it, of course, and hot as all hell, but stressful beyond words. I’d be lying if I said the “forbidden fruit” aspect wasn’t a turn on. Sneaking off to fuck him in forests and stunning mountain vistas is the stuff of dreams, and he always puts on a good show for me. It’s gotten pretty intense since we’ve been out in Spain. We’ve been hooking up at least twice a day and, to be honest, we’re getting a bit careless. Yesterday, we started making out on a mountain ridge less than 400 yards from camp. The dusty, late afternoon sun was streaming through the trees, and everything looked like a photograph from the 70s. It felt so romantic and sexy, and I had to have him there and then… We started kissing, probably more passionately than ever before. I wanted him so badly and couldn’t wait to get his uniform off. We were tearing clothes off each other like a pair of addicts desperate for another fix. Scout Trent was soon on his knees, giving me head like his life depended on it. I dunno why I didn’t hear Scout Serg sneak up on us. I guess I’d entered a world of extreme pleasure and had let my guard down. All I know is that I looked up and saw Serg hiding behind a bush. Actually, he’d have been pretty well-camouflaged in his uniform if it weren’t for the shock of crimson on his neckerchief, which is what I spotted first. For a moment my blood ran cold. There was no chance of coming up with an innocent explanation for what was going on. The only positive was that it was Serg—and I’d long suspected that the Scoutboy’s got the hots for me. I made a snap decision to act like this was no big deal. I smiled and asked Serg what he was doing. It instantly became apparent that that little pervert was spying on us. He stepped out from behind the bush still cupping the bulge in his shorts! He walked over to us and admitted he’d been watching for some time. I asked if he liked what he was seeing and he nodded nervously, simultaneously thrusting his phone into his pocket. He’d obviously been taking pictures of us, so I told him that if he deleted the pix, he could join us. Moments later, Serg was on his knees with his cute little lips wrapped around my big fat cock, while Trent worshiped my balls. For a split-second I genuinely wondered if I’d died and gone to heaven. I looked down at the boys and tried, but failed, to work out which one I wanted the most. I don’t know what the fuck was going on, but just as I started settling in for a top-notch threesome, I heard new footsteps crunch through the unbrush behind me. It was Scoutmaster Wolf. The place was suddenly like Times Square! I’ll admit; my first thought was one of absolute relief that it wasn’t one of the other Scoutmasters. Legrand and I have had a few late nights around the campfire where we’ve sunk a couple of beers and talked pretty openly about stuff. He’s banged a few Scoutboys in his time and I guess I’d always been pretty curious to see him in action. Legrand sauntered over all nonchalantly. If he was surprised by what he was seeing, his face didn’t show it. I watched him approaching, wondering why I’d not realized before just how god-darned sexy he is. I’ve always had a thing about tall men and he wears his uniform so well. He pulled Serg to his feet and Legrand casually undressed him as Trent continued to suck me off. Those two were quickly making out, but Legrand, ever the consummate Scoutmaster, kept one eye on the outside world. Before long, he suggested that we should relocate deeper into the woods. Five minutes later, the boys were both naked and we were in an area of more dense woodland where we were very unlikely to be discovered. Legrand seemed pretty happy seducing young Serg, so I focussed my attention on Trent, tuning him to face a tree while I got my tongue inside his tight little hole. Quickly, I had my dick inside him. I guess I was showing off a little. It was pretty hot to know that Legrand was watching, particularly when I looked down and saw the monster between his legs! Trent was soon gasping and moaning, and I was in a state of bliss. Legrand spent some time working on Serg’s ass. He darn well needed to. The boy was radiating inexperience and Legrand’s dick is the size of a beer can. I was astonished when he pushed it into Serg with relatively little effort, but the look of shock on the poor boy’s face was priceless! So there we were: two well-hung Scoutmasters in the Spanish woods brutally banging a pair of boys bareback, Scoutboys we were supposed to be looking after. Soon we were flinging them into ever more athletic positions in the midst of a silent competition to see who could pound the hardest. At one point Legrand lifted Serg clean into the air and fucked the screaming boy like a fleshlight. Then, we swapped. I mean, what’s the fun of a foursome if you can’t compare notes? It’s a curious experience to fuck someone you’ve never even kissed before, but that’s how it went down! I pulled my dripping dick out of Trent and seconds later I was shoving it deep into Serg’s hole, glistening with pre-cum. I glanced over and saw that Legrand had already claimed his next prize, so the competition was back on to see who could pound the hardest and make our boy yell the loudest. It was weird, yet crazy-hot to see Trent skewered by Legrand’s enormous pole. I got off on the look of pure ecstasy on the Scoutboy’s face. It’s a look I’ve seen often and one I’ve come to appreciate. We jerked our boys hard as we ramped up the pace of our strokes. Legrand was soon gritting his teeth and banging Trent like he was wielding some kind of power tool. That kind of fucking can’t last forever, however, and it wasn’t a great surprise to hear Legrand let out a roar of lust as he emptied his balls deep inside the boy. The sight of Legrand pulling out and unleashing a cascade of spunk from Trent’s ass tipped me over the edge and I started hammering Serg, standing on tiptoes as I blasted my huge, forbidden load into his stomach.