Bratty boy gets recruited with sexy incentive by scoutmaster and boy scout

This trip to Europe has totally blown my mind! I’m quite new to the scouts and this has been my first adventure into what my Dad calls “The Great Outdoors.” We’re presently in Spain, on the first half of an exchange with a group of European scouts, and everything we’ve done since arriving has been amazing. We’ve visited Seville and Granada and seen flamenco dancers, flamingoes in the wild and crazy dudes living in actual caves. We’ve mostly stayed in youth hostels, which surprised me to begin with because I imagined Scouting was all about sleeping in tents in the wild. The biggest issue with staying in hostels is sharing rooms. Because I’m the new boy, I was always the one who ended up having to share with a Scoutmaster—not something on my bucket list. That was what I thought, at least, until I met Scoutmaster Snow. He… let’s just say, he ended up teaching me considerably more than just the basics of Scouting. I’ve had sex on my brain ever since. When we were in Seville, I managed to sneak into a gay bar to steal one of the magazines they had by the rest rooms. It’s full of sexy pictures of guys making out in all sorts of bizarre positions, plus lists of shops and bars which I’ve become obsessed with the idea of visiting some day. I hid the magazine at the bottom of my backpack and read it cover-to-cover every time I have a moment to myself. In the last few days I’ve gotten real friendly with one of the Spanish scouts. His name is Angel and he’s incredibly handsome. At first I actually found him really scary. He’s covered in tattoos and looks a little wild. He’s the sort of boy that I can almost guarantee my Mom would tell me to avoid, but it turns out that he’s really sensitive and deep and we get along very well. Last night we shared a room for the first time and he ended up confessing that he’s into dudes as well. I haven’t yet told him about Scoutmaster Snow. I’m not sure it would be particularly wise to—news travels fast among boys. I did show him the magazine, however, and we talked a lot about the guys on the photos inside, choosing our favorites, playing “fuck, marry, kill.” Then we kissed. Only for a few seconds, but it was amazing… A terrible thing happened this morning when Scoutmaster Patrick appeared in our room. He must be some sort of ninja because neither of us even heard the door open. We were sitting on the bed, thumbing through the magazine, giggling loudly, and then suddenly we were being marched into a courtyard outside for what felt like a reenactment of the Spanish Inquisition. It was mortifying. He looked so angry. Fortunately, after making us almost sick with terror, Scoutmaster Patrick suddenly said, “it’s okay, it’s natural.” I glanced over at Angel and saw the look of pure relief forming on his face. Scoutmaster Patrick asked if we’d jerked off to any of the pictures in the magazine and for some odd reason I told him that we had, even though we actually hadn’t. The more questions he asked, the more confused and then aroused I got. I think I just liked looking at him. Anyway, the next thing I knew, Scoutmaster Patrick was running his hand over my butt and telling me that Angel sounded like a bad influence — in a way that made it clear that he really found the idea inticing. He stood behind me—casually removing my neckerchief and undoing the buttons on my shirt—before telling me that he wanted to see me and Angel making out. I couldn’t even look at Angel. We’d really barely touched each other the night before and I had no idea whether he’d be cool about making out — particularly in front of a Scoutmaster. I didn’t even know if I was cool about it. Scoutmaster Patrick then instructed Angel to take his clothes off, and for the longest, most excruciating time, Angel did nothing but stare back at him, almost defiantly. He’d remained entirely silent ever since Scoutmaster Patrick had found us, and I couldn’t for the life of me tell what was going through his mind. Then my fellow Scoutboy stood up and dutifully removed his T-shirt. Scoutmaster Patrick was still standing behind me, pulling down my shorts and playing with my rock-hard dick through the fabric of my underpants. It all felt so wrong, yet I couldn’t get enough of what was happening. Angel dropped his shorts and pushed his hand down the front of his underwear, watching, maybe even a little enviously, as the Scoutmaster tenderly kissed my neck. My dick swelled to twice its normal size. The Scoutmaster pushed my underpants down and my big, hard dick sprung into action. Angel asked in Spanish if he should pull his trunks down and Patrick nodded, still entirely focussed on me. He said he wanted to see Angel and me kissing, and before I could process the request, Angel stepped forward and started to kiss me with powerful passion. As we kissed, I could hear Scoutmaster Patrick undressing behind me. The sound of him unzipping his shirt sent shivers of expectation through my body. I knew he was gonna look real good naked—I could tell by the shape of his biceps and the way that he rolled his uniform sleeves up as high as possible that he’s got a body to die for. Then I heard the tantalizing noise of his pants being unzipped and then the slightly less-expected sound of him pulling up a chair behind me. I remember wondering why on earth he needed to sit down. Then I felt his lips brushing against my ass cheek and I suddenly realized what he was planning. To be honest, the thought of being fucked then and there made me more than a little nervous. I had no clue how big the Scoutmaster’s dick was or whether I was ready to take anything of any size in me. Then I felt the intense sensation of his tongue fluttering over my hole before cheekily poking its way into me, and I realized I was in the mood for any damn thing he wanted to throw my way. Scoutmaster Patrick turned his back to Angel and pushed me down onto my knees in front of his daddy dick. When he turned back to Angel and started to kiss him, I felt a surprising pang of envy which made me want to give the Scoutmaster the best blow job of his life. I wanted him to focus on me again. He needed to want me more than he wanted Angel. Competitive jealousy set in. I wrapped my lips around his shaft and allowed my tongue to dance over the tip of his penis and he was rock-hard in seconds, groaning appreciatively, and once again, I had his full attention. He stood me up and we kissed with even more passion than before. He carefully guided me back to the table and encouraged me to half mount it, with one knee up on the surface and one foot on the ground so that my ass cheeks were apart. His dick was less thick than Scoutmaster Snow’s, but it was considerably longer. He teased me a little with it, and then started to push it in. I groaned like some kind of wounded animal. He seemed to get deeper with every stroke until I was wondering how any dick could have found its way so far into my body. I could feel it all the way up to my stomach! Scoutmaster Patrick withdrew and called Angel over, I assumed, to fuck me. Angel stood behind me and, without hesitation, pushed his thumb into my hole. I knew he’d never done it with a guy before—he’d said he’d never even kissed a dude before he and I started fooling about last night. Surely he wasn’t about to lose his virginity inside me? But I could also see that Scoutmaster Patrick was squatting behind Angel, probing his hole with his tongue and it suddenly struck me that our Scoutmaster wanted to see whether Angel would choose to lose his top or his bottom virginity. He stood us both up and made us kiss. Then he looked straight at me and smiled, before stepping aside. He wanted me to take Angel’s virginity. I instantly flushed red. My dick was certainly hard enough to fuck but I’d never penetrated a guy before. I didn’t know if I’d be any good at it and certainly didn’t want to make a fool of myself. I took a deep breath and thought for a moment. Then some sort of carnal instinct engulfed me… Angel’s entire body tensed up as I gently slid myself into his ass and before I knew it, I was fucking him hard. His virginity was now a thing of the past, merely a memory. Seconds later, I felt our Scoutmaster pushing his dick against my hole. Surely he wasn’t going to try to penetrate me? Not while I was doing the same to Angel! He would, and he did. Just like that, he’d pushed his dick back into my ass and I was fucking and being fucked simultaneously. Without question, it was the most intense and extraordinary experience of my life. My entire body went into a kind of pleasure overdrive. Every inch of me was tingling. My dick was pounding in and out of Angel’s hole but every time I drew it out, Scoutmaster Patrick’s dick plunged into me. I suddenly realized that the Scoutmaster was actually standing still, allowing me to do all the work as I rocked my pelvis backwards and forwards, pleasuring him and pleasuring Angel while my entire body burst with ripples of profound sexual excitement. We turned Angel onto his back and continued exactly as we’d been before—except I was able to look into his face and see his eyes narrowing with pure pleasure. I watched him as he jerked his dick excitedly. My hips moved faster and faster and before I knew it, Angel let out a huge roar and exploded a massive, creamy load all over his stomach. At the same time, his hole contracted around my dick. I kind of lost it, pounding Angel with every last muscle in my body, till I came inside him. When I pulled out, all my semen started gushing out of him. Then our Scoutmaster took his turn at ramming his cock into Angel’s now squelching hole. I could see my spunk slowly dripping down Angel’s thigh as the Scoutmaster shot hard inside Angel—adding his own load to the one I’d deposited up there. He pulled out and the semen was dripping off his dick onto the table, then rolling onto the floor. I genuinely don’t know how this trip could get any better!