Scoutmaster Stone enjoys boy scout’s young body and hole

I’ve noticed Scoutmaster Stone staring at me quite a lot recently. At first, I just thought he was being friendly. I’m not particularly popular with the other boys, and I know that the Scoutmasters have been consciously trying to get me to integrate a bit more. It all feels a bit condescending, to be honest. I’m happy with my own company and I don’t need their pitying looks. I usually politely smile back and then look away before they can start up one of those embarrassing “is everything okay at home?” conversations. But there was something a little more intense about the way that Scoutmaster Stone was looking at me. When I caught his eye, he’d hold my gaze for the longest time. It struck me after a while that what we saw in each other might’ve been the same thing. I might not have noticed the signs if I hadn’t done what I did with Scoutmaster Hernandez a few months back. Before I met him, the idea of having sex was utterly bizarre. I couldn’t work out why anyone would want to do it! Of course, the whole experience blew my mind and I’d have happily done it with him again, but Scoutmaster Hernandez grew distant and strange with me. I got the message. I let him be. So anyway, when I realized Scoutmaster Stone was giving me the eye, I figured there might be a whole heap of fun to be had with him. His looks became so unsubtle that I’d often end up blushing uncontrollably. Then, one night, just before we turned in, he rushed over and excitedly whispered in my ear, telling me to fake an illness in the morning so that we could hang out alone while the others went orienteering. I barely slept that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about Scoutmaster Stone; the air of urgency in his voice and the lustful look on his face. The following morning, as requested, I told everyone I had a bad headache. Scoutmaster Stone faked being pissed that he’d need to stay with me on the campsite and miss out on all the fun. I felt very naughty, going along with a plan like this. And, in a way, I found it sexy. After everyone else had disappeared, Stone led me into his tent. We finally were together and alone. He didn’t say anything; he just sat down next to me and started to run his huge hands over my body. I immediately started to feel butterflies in my stomach. I was excited and nervous. My heart pounded in my ears. He put his arms around me protectively and I sank into him. It was like being hugged by an enormous bear; he was so big, strong, and masculine. I immediately felt my dick throbbing inside my shorts. He started to undress me, slowly unbuttoning my shirt, as though he were savoring the experience of unwrapping a much-anticipated gift. I could feel his warm, minty breath tickling the soft hairs on my face. I loved the way he smelled; a hint of sweat, a dash of woodsmoke, a touch of some sort of manly aftershave. He pulled me into him again. I reached out and started to fondle his giant, muscular thighs before moving across to the large bulge in his pants. As I touched it, he let out a loud, hungry groan. He pretty soon had me naked and then he started undressing himself. His torso was tanned, hairy and stocky. I ran my hands over his well-defined chest. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly, then encouraged me to touch him through his underpants. It was rock hard, and large… I started to lick and kiss it through the cotton fabric. There was a whiff of sex about him which I couldn’t quite fathom. I soon had my lips wrapped around his dick. It was almost impossible to get the whole thing inside my mouth without gagging, but I persevered and eventually felt it sliding deep into my throat. He ran his hands over my ass cheeks, complimenting me on my butt and making it clear that he intended to fuck me. I was soon on all fours while he explored my hole with his tongue and fingers, lubing me up with spit and whispering for me to stay quiet every time I let out a gasp. He lined his dick up with my hole; teasing me, tantalizing me, until I was desperate to feel it sink down. My hole contracted nervously as he first entered. I knew I needed to stay calm and quiet. I focused hard on trying to open myself up for him. It was painful to begin with, but I eventually relaxed enough to enjoy the sensation. Then, I couldn’t get enough of it! He slammed into me with frantic force, punching his dick deep into my stomach. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass cheeks. It was ecstatic, pleasurable beyond words. There was something addictive about knowing I was pleasing him—knowing my body was simply a vessel for his sexual gratification. He suddenly put his hand over my mouth and I instinctively knew that he was close to cumming. I felt him gushing into me, lining my insides with a thick layer of cream. After he shot his load, he held me in his arms and we lay together for what seemed like an age. It felt intimate. Romantic. Special, in ways I had not been prepared for. And at that point, I knew my adventures with Scoutmaster Stone had only just begun.