Scout Nathan gets his ass eaten and moans in anticipation of getting his hole stretched

It’s been a while since Scoutmaster Barrett and I had last made out. To be honest, the first time was so intense and mind-blowing that I wasn’t sure I could ever handle a re-run! For the rest of that particular campout, I found I couldn’t look him in the eye. During the subsequent weekly patrol meetings, it all got a bit awkward when we were near each other. Then, of course, as time passed, I started thinking more and more about what happened during the encounter: the way that my body melted when he touched me, the blissful sensation of his penis entering me, the waves of lustful excitement surging through my veins. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted him again. We were due for another expedition and, in the weeks leading up to it, I started shooting Barrett these long, lingering looks. He caught on pretty quickly and started returning them in a way which made me blush. By the time today’s expedition had begun, there was no doubt in either of our minds that all we needed was an excuse to be alone together. Fortunately, Scoutmaster Barrett figured one out within a day of our arriving; he announced to the group that he wanted a brave volunteer to go into the forest with him to monitor “crepuscular” wildlife. Obviously, he had to explain to us all that crepuscular meant the animals which were most active at twilight—like bats—and as soon as that was established, a sea of hands went up, all desperate for an adventure. He explained that the monitoring would involve staying overnight in a tent, and that almost got the other boys foaming at the mouth with excitement. I, of course, was doing everything I could to cover my ever-swelling dick, knowing instinctively that he was going to call my name. I wasn’t just going to end up with a couple of snatched hours with him, but a whole night of love-making! When he picked me, the other boys groaned with disappointment. Within an hour, he and I were alone, hiking into the forest. The early evening sun warmed our faces while our long shadows disappeared into the dark green undergrowth. We walked for at least two hours and pitched our tent in a clearing which smelt of pine trees. It was the moment we’d both been waiting for. I sank into his embrace. We kissed passionately. I could sense that he was a little on edge; he kept glancing into the distance. I guess it was to make sure that no one had followed us. The look somehow re-enforced the naughtiness of what we were doing, and made the whole thing seem a lot more exciting. We moved to the tent, making out with even more intensity than we had the last time we were together. He ran his big, hairy hands up and down my body, groping me. He unbuttoned my shirt, exposing my pale body to the elements. The summer breeze gently tickled the skin around my nipples, adding just another crazy layer to the sensory overload I was suddenly experiencing. I was fully naked within seconds and the power was entirely in his hands. My dick was rock-solid and my legs were wide apart. I was ready for him. He squatted down and started to suck me off, teasing and tempting me with his talented tongue and soft lips. He left me in a state of complete physical and mental arousal, unable to comprehend the levels of satisfaction I experienced. He turned me over, and lost in lust, I thrust my twitching ass towards him. He immediately started to eat me out, preparing me as well as he could for what I knew was to come. The tickly-prickly sensation of his beard brushing against my ass cheeks brought an electric charge, one that jolted my skin repeatedly as he consumed my hole. I heard him unbuckle his belt and unzip his fly. He asked if I was ready. I was in a state of such sexual rapture that all I could do was groan deeply in reply. He tore his shirt off, exposing that beautiful hairy chest of his, before pulling his dick out of his pants. Without any kind of ceremony, he pushed it into me. It did hurt like hell, but it felt a lot less painful than the last time, and my desire to have him inside me again very much outweighed any discomfort I was momentarily feeling. He fucked me rapidly, kneeling up as he repeatedly thrust his giant, raw dick in and out of my tight, trembling hole. This had been a long time coming, and I sensed it wasn’t going to be the longest sexual encounter we have or will have had. We needed to get this first one out of our systems, then we’d have the whole night to explore each other at a more reserved pace. He threw me onto my back so that he could watch as he boned me. I think the alternate looks of agony and ecstasy on my face must have turned him on because he started pounding me pretty relentlessly. The more I yelled and gasped, the harder he seemed to get! And then, just like that, he nutted. I felt the head of his dick contracting and retracting as he squirted his precious load deep into my guts. When he finally pulled out, I was excited to discover that his dick was as solid as it had been before he came. He was ready for another round and it was clear that a whole night of release lay ahead of me. I couldn’t wait.