Scout Landon and Scoutmaster McKeon go deep into the forest for a “special” lesson

Being an Elite Scout has definitely been an adventure! I’ve learned new skills, I’ve toughened up, and I’ve gained an unbelievable amount of self confidence. I finally feel like I now know who I am and what I want from life. It seems like forever ago that I went along to Scoutmaster McKeon’s office to take my pledge. I was so nervous and unsure of myself. I could barely stop my hands from shaking. But the hour that I spent with him changed everything. I guess you could say that he seduced me. The whole experience certainly caught me off guard… but I loved every minute. Our encounter made me feel so special, but it must’ve been the same for him, too. Scoutmaster St. Michael made it clear that he was interested in me as well and, one afternoon, when the camp was empty, we had the most intense and passionate session. This time, I felt entirely in control. But after taking my boyhood in his office, Scoutmaster McKeon decided to keep his distance. It upset me for a while, but then I realized he was probably worried he’d overstepped his boundaries. There was no way that he could have known quite how much I’d enjoyed it and that I was literally craving for more. When our troop headed out into the forest for our latest adventure, things started to change. McKeon was suddenly paying me a great deal more attention. I would catch him watching me from a distance. When I looked back, he’d maintain eye contact, and I’d instantly blush and get rock-hard thinking about our previous time together. Just knowing he was looking at me made me increasingly determined for a rerun. I didn’t need to wait long. The day after we’d arrived, he announced over breakfast that he’d decided to start giving Scouts individual lessons. My name had been pulled out of a hat for the first session. What luck, I thought. The next thing I knew, the two of us were marching out of the camp on a wilderness hike. We walked for an hour or so, talking about the weather and school and knot-tying and pretty much everything except for the elephant in the room. I could see that he was hard in his pants—and, of course, so was I! By the time we’d stopped in a clearing and hastily thrown up a couple of tents, there was a damp patch of pre-cum on the front of my pants. There was no way he couldn’t have seen it. Turns out, he did see it. He pushed me against a tree and started to kiss me. Within seconds we were making out and I had the palm of my hand pressed hard against his bulge! This was the beautiful dick which had taken my virginity, I thought. I will have it again. I guess you could say that there was a slight air of desperation hovering over Scoutmaster McKeon. He seemed in a bit of a hurry, like he’d been wanting me for some time and couldn’t wait to get inside me again. I very much loved the sensation of feeling that wanted. He had my pants down in seconds, and soon tore his own clothes off. I dropped to my knees and took his huge dick into my mouth, savoring the sensation of its rapid swell. I was hungry for it and sucked him real hard, repeatedly looking up at his face for signs of approval. He grabbed my chin and pushed the entire length of his monster deep into my throat. I fought the desire to gag. He smiled, impressed. I’d have smiled, too, were my jaw not stretched-out full. I stood and we kissed as he fondled my ass, pulling my cheeks apart. He pushed his fingers into my hole. He got down behind me on his knees and used his wet, slippery tongue to prepare it for the inevitable. The feeling of his tongue dancing over my hole sent shivers through my body. I realized there that I ached for him, and had ached for him since the moment he first touched me. He stood behind me and casually spat on his dick before pushing it right inside me. I expected him to go quite gently. That was not the case; he pounded his raw dick in and out of me like I was some kind of slut. Perhaps I was. I gasped and moaned so loudly that he was forced to put his hand over my mouth. He went harder and harder, like he was in some sort of desperate frenzy. It felt like he was using my body for his own carnal needs, but I didn’t care. I wanted his load. He could bang me as brutally as he wanted to and treat me like the whore I’d become—as long as I got some. He pulled out and jerked himself hard. I suddenly felt a cascade of watery semen dousing my back and rolling like a river down my sides and legs. I have literally never seen so much spunk! He must have saved it up for days. Perhaps since we had last seen each other. He pushed his dick back into me for a few seconds before pulling out again and breezily instructing me to hurry up and get dressed. He had said it just like nothing had happened, but I knew he’d be back for more. After something like that, how could he resist? How could I?