Scout boy Logan craves the scoutmaster’s dick and joins him in his tent

 Joining the Scouts is the best thing I’ve ever done. I can’t believe I almost didn’t join; I’d somehow convinced myself that it was all going to be for nothing. Looking back, I think I was just terrified of the unknown. From the moment I entered the Scout hut, I never looked back. I instantly felt like I’d found a home. A tribe. My eyes have been opened to so much. I’ve become more focused, more disciplined, more practical and unflappable. If I’m not yet a man, I figure I’m well on the way to becoming one! The thing which has most blown my mind since joining these Scouts is the thing they call sex! I turned up on that first day as a complete innocent. I’d barely started learning to jerk off and it certainly hadn’t crossed my mind that I might be into guys. I’ll always be grateful to Scoutmaster St. Michael, who gathered me in and showed me those particular ropes. After taking me that first time, he encouraged me to explore my fantasies with boys my own age. He was always there for me to return to whenever I felt the urge… which was a pretty regular occurrence, if I’m honest! Once you’ve had a man as potent and powerful as St. Michael, it’s impossible not to crave more of him. He was my first and he’ll probably always be the best. We find alone time whenever we’re out camping with the group. He always manages to come up with a pretty good reason to get me on my own. He’ll announce that he’s looking for a volunteer to help clean the camp, or tell me that an important message has arrived for me. The last time we hooked up, he pretended to tell me off, saying my tent was a shameful mess and that he would need to oversee my picking it up. I went along with it, of course, and pretended to be really upset that he was angry, but I kept wanting to burst out laughing! As soon as we were in my tent, we were making out. It felt like we were two magnets which had been kept in different spaces for an age. The moment we were close enough to be drawn to each other, we became inseparable. I love how he kisses with a mixture of tenderness and red-hot passion, almost like he can’t decide whether to protect me or destroy me! I also love how he smells. Even out in the wilderness he uses this musky aftershave which melds with the scent of his sweat. It creates what I’ve come to associate with uncontrollable sexual excitement. Just when I think he’s shown me every trick in the book, he pulls out another amazing move. The last time we met he did something with his tongue on my nipple which damned-well nearly made me spurt on the spot! He gives the greatest head. I remember the first time he wrapped those soft, warm lips around my dick. I thought I must have gone to heaven. I didn’t know such intense pleasure was possible. The effect he has on me has not diminished with time. If anything it’s increased. I love it when he pushes me onto all fours and I hear the sound of him unzipping his shirt. I always close my eyes, knowing the next thing I’m going to feel is his tongue flickering over my ass cheeks before sliding into my tight hole. It makes me groan uncontrollably and he’s always having to tell me to be quiet. I try to bite my lip, but when he starts pushing his fingers into me, all bets are off! Sometimes he hands me a belt to bite down on. I adore the sound of him unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. My body immediately starts to tingle with anticipation, knowing that, moments later, he’s going to push himself into me and I’m gonna feel that overwhelming sense of one-ness with him. His dick curves upwards. In certain positions this can have an extraordinary effect on me, which I have learned has something to do with my prostate. I get off on looking back at him when he’s riding me doggy style, just to catch a glimpse of the look on his face, which is always some kind of combination of lustful pleasure and determination. I love knowing that I am pleasing him. We change positions all the time. He’s incredibly inventive. Sometimes I sit on his lap and ride him hard. Sometimes he opts for something far more athletic… just to show off, I suppose! He often has to put his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. It’s exciting to think that we could be discovered at any moment, but also quite scary, because I guess we could both get into a lot of trouble if that happened. I think he likes it most when I lie on my side and he sort of spoons me from behind while grinding himself into me. The feeling of his arms wrapped around my body is so intimate and he can cum quite hard like that. He always shoots huge amounts deep inside me, so that it takes an age to come back out again. Sometimes he comes up to me a few hours later and whispers in my ear, asking if it’s dripping into my underpants. And, you know, it usually is.