Cute scout boy ass fucked hard holding a tree outdoors

My time in the Scouts has certainly been an eye-opening experience! When I signed up, I imagined I’d be going on amazing trips to really cool, inaccessible places and learning how to make fires, tie knots and even save lives. But some of the things I’ve ended up doing… well, let’s just say they were unexpected… 

My dad was apparently a very good Scout. According to him! He never stops talking about his “halcyon days camping under the stars” and all those “amazing life lessons” he learned. 

I don’t know if my dad was necessarily talking about sexual experiences. There was certainly a bit of a funny look in his eyes when he told me that joining the Scouts would teach me how to become a proper man, but heck, if I found out that he’d got up to some of the stuff I’ve been doing over the last few weeks when he was in the Scouts, I’m not sure I’d be able to look him in the eye ever again! 

I actually lost my virginity to one of the scoutmasters pretty soon after arriving at my first jamboree. And since then I’ve been having pretty regular – and very steamy – sessions with him. And, in fact, another one of the Scouts! I love doing it outside, under the trees. I reckon I’m gonna get hard every time I smell pine from now on! I might have to get my mom to change her air fresheners!! 

I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Scoutmaster Wolf. He’s so tall, handsome and masculine. Like a film star, really. He can be quite stern and aloof, but that just makes him sexier. He’s one of those people who just makes you want to do your best, you know? I was always too nervous to talk to him, of course, but he smiled at me the other day. We were telling really crappy ghost stories around the campfire, and when I smiled back, he held my gaze for the longest time. My heart was beating in my ears. I’m sure I was blushing. Thank God it was dark. Then he winked and went back to toasting his marshmallows! I couldn’t sleep that night because I was thinking about him so much. 

He came up to me yesterday and started talking about my first aid badge. Every time he asked me a question, I felt really self-conscious. I literally couldn’t string a decent sentence together. Of course, he seemed to find the whole thing really funny, which just made it worse. Then he asked if I’d be up for learning a few new skills…

And with that we were walking out into the forest and I was burbling again about nothing in particular, and he was laughing at my discomfort. 

We stopped under a tree and sat down. He said he was going to show me how to mend a broken leg. At least, I think he said that. I wasn’t really listening. I was just trying to hide the hard on in my shorts and look at the ground; every time I looked at his face, I went red like a tomato.

He was talking about splints and sticks and kerchiefs. It was all going in one ear and out the other. At one point he picked up a bit of wood from the ground and there was a big furry caterpillar on it! It was all weird and curled up and I was really impressed when he picked it up. I always thought those things were, like, really poisonous? 

My heart was pounding. As he squatted next to me, wrapping kerchiefs around my leg, I felt myself going into some sort of trance. I just zoned out. He’s got this really calm, low voice. I kept imagining how amazing it would feel if he started touching me sexually, and whispering stuff with that insanely deep voice in my ear. I’ll be honest… I was kinda willing for it to happen!!

He stood me up with the makeshift splint attached to my leg and put his arm around me. I guess he was trying to show me how to support someone and walk them to safety but I was too busy wondering if he could see my dick which was sticking out at a really weird angle in my shorts! 

As he knelt down to untie me, his face was pretty much level with my crotch. Part of me wanted to hide the bulge. The other part of me felt like it might be a useful way to get the ball rolling. If he was interested, of course, which he probably wasn’t because he was wearing a wedding ring. Who was I trying to kid? 

He told me it was my turn to do his leg, which was mortifying because I hadn’t actually been listening to his instructions. I did my best but really I had no clue what I was doing, or, in fact, why! Removing his neckerchief and wrapping it around his leg was an unexpectedly arousing experience! 

And he’s so tall. I barely come up to his chin. I guess that’s the thing I find so unbelievably exciting about him. Deep down, I know he’s a gentle giant, but part of me realized he could literally have done anything that he wanted to me in that forest. I would have been utterly powerless to stop him. And, of course, the more those crazy thoughts span around in my head, the more I wanted something to happen…

He eventually told me to undo the embarrassing splint I’d made, then stood behind me to put my neckerchief back on, pulling me into him as he tied it up. My heart was beating real fast. I felt sure he was starting something. I could feel his dick pressing into me and it was hard. It was actually hard… So I put my hand behind my back and gave it a squeeze!

Then he turned me around and we were looking at each other, and I was blushing, as he was asking if I liked touching, and telling me I was handsome, and then suddenly we were kissing! It was electrifying. Is that the word? I felt like shocks of electricity were passing from his lips to mine. He had his big, strong arms wrapped around me. I wanted him so so much. 

It got real steamy, real fast. He took control and pushed me against a tree, grabbing my bulge as he kissed me, then pulling my hand onto his. I would never have imagined that anyone could have a dick that size. I was almost scared to pull it out of his pants!

He pushed my shorts down and started feeling my ass. I finally plucked up the courage to undo his belt, pull down his flies and pull that giant weapon out of his underpants. When I squatted down to suck it, I couldn’t seem to get enough of it into my mouth. No matter how hard I tried!

He slapped my ass and then started to finger my hole. I kept on sucking, trying to work out whether he was going to attempt to get that monster into me, and if he did, if it would destroy me!

He suddenly turned me around and pushed me against the tree. Seconds later, I felt his dick lining up with my hole, and then a bolt of intense pain as he pushed himself into me. I literally thought I was going to split in two. I could feel everything being stretched and pushed apart. It was terrifying and yet there wasn’t a moment when I wanted it to stop. 

I wanted to be his boy. I wanted to please him. I wanted him to want me. 

Then he started to move in and out, slowly to start with, but then faster and faster. A weird part of me kept wondering how we’d have looked if anyone walking through those woods had stumbled upon us. Scoutmaster Wolf always looks so god-damned sexy in his uniform, and he was still fully dressed as he fucked me. I had my head against the tree and my eyes closed, but I kept thinking how amazing he must be looking… I almost wanted someone to see us. 

I must have relaxed or something at that moment, because suddenly his dick stopped hurting and started feeling great – and I just wanted more and more of it. 

He asked if I wanted him to cum in me and I couldn’t imagine anything I wanted more. The thought of him leaving his seed inside me. The thought of going back to camp with his load in me. The thought of talking to the other scouts with Scoutmaster Wolf’s cum in my ass…

His last few strokes were really hard and intense. I could hear him gritting his teeth. And suddenly he exploded. I could feel his juices bursting into me. I could feel his dick expanding and contracting as he pumped each squirt into me. And it went so deep. And there was so much of it. 

As he pulled out, I could feel some of it was coming out with him, and I heard the squelch as it flew out, down the back of my shorts and onto the ground. 

Then he kissed me. Really passionately. And I knew that he wanted me and that we’d do it again. And I suddenly realized that dreams can come true!